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(European) country you go, (different) entry rules you find. At the gates of what will be the second summer in the company of the coronavirus and waiting for the European digital health passport to become reality, Italian families who want to plan a holiday outside of Italy, but within the borders of the Old Continent, must do pay attention to entry requirements provided for by the individual State. To discover that at least for a few weeks it is up to their children to swab as well. And that you have to be careful about the destination because the minimum age is different.

The European green pass

But first a step back (and forward): the green pass europeo, the digital document designed to facilitate travel and where to enter your data (negative coronavirus swab or vaccination), it should officially debut within the EU on 30 June after about a month and a half of testing. Countries have been divided into three groups based on how technologically prepared they are to issue these certifications. In group 1 – the most advanced – there are Italy, Spain, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia and Luxembourg: it will be up to these states to be the first to try the green pass.

How many hours before entry should the swab be done for each country (for some
How many hours before entry must the swab be done for each country (for some only the molecular one is recognized)

The different requirements

But for families who do not have time to get vaccinated before the summer and, above all, for those with minor children, some entry requirements may remain. One in particular: the negativity of a molecular or rapid swab depends on the individual country. How depends on the individual country not only the timing – there are those who ask for the test to be carried out within 72 hours of landing and those within 48 hours – but also at what age a child must swab or when not requested at the border. On this last aspect the rules are the most varied even within Europe and will change according to the vaccination campaign and the epidemiological wave (so it is always better to inquire a few days before the trip).

The European document

A document from last December from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) suggests to the States – through simple guidelines – of exempt children under 24 months from the entry buffer. For those aged 2 and over, however, it leaves freedom of decision, adding for which Member States could consider alternative methods.

From what age must minors show up at the border of the States they visit with a negative swab – Warning: the rules could change even at the last minute

For the children

And what have the states decided? Here the situation becomes complicated, so much so that parents with more children than check carefully how many of the children have to swab, otherwise they will be banned from entering. Buffer in fact required since vaccinations are authorized from 16 years and up and waiting to reduce it in the coming months. For now the Portugal the one with the lowest threshold: minors who are at least 2 years of age must have a certificate of negativity to the coronavirus. Families who want to go in Greeceinstead, they should remember that children who are at least 5 years old will need to be screened. The minimum age rises to 6 for wanting to travel to Spain e Germany, reaches 10 years for those who want to relax in the mountains ofAustria, jumps to 11 for those who want to go in France e UK and at 12 for those planning to visit Switzerland e Cipro.

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