“Here everything begins” in advance of October 15, 2021: Naël has been kidnapped and Louis will replace Claire during his absence

“Here everything begins” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 250 of Friday, October 15, 2021 – In the daily series of TF1, Eliott and Mehdi always go further in their research on Landiras’ private life, Louis comes to the aid of his mother while Naël is kidnapped.

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The detailed summary of episode 249 of Here it all begins October 14, 2021 is also online. Good reading.

“Here everything begins” in advance: Summary of episode 250 of October 15, 2021

Louis becomes a teacher.

Louis has thought about it and now believes that this trip to Japan is a great opportunity for his mother. Thanks to Charlene, Louis understood that he is especially angry with Claire because she did not believe in him for the revisiting of the dish of Augustus. Therefore, Louis apologizes to his mother for the interview. He made her pay for the fact that her father did not recognize him while Claire herself suffered from it. Claire is understanding and she says she is proud of her son. Louis thinks that this trip is timely and that they will be able to get off to a good start. But Claire explains to him that his departure is compromised. Teyssier refuses to allow chef Delobel to replace her and Claire has found no one else available to come and teach at the Institute. Louis then has a daring idea, that of replacing his mother. After all, he knows the lessons and the techniques. And then he has more than proven what he is capable of. Louis thinks that if Teyssier gave him the double A, he will give him his students.

Louis later shares his daring proposal with Teyssier. But Emmanuel refuses. He believes that Claire’s son does not have the shoulders to be a teacher. But Louis insists. He knows he will have to be totally involved and he feels capable of it. Teyssier accepts, but on one condition. Considering the work that this represents, Louis has to choose between his position as a double A chef and being a teacher. Louis chooses to teach and quits double A.

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Teyssier hastens to announce the good news to his son. For his part, Louis celebrates his departure with Claire. He confesses to his mother that he will miss her a bit. Claire thanks her son for having given up the double A. Louis ends up confessing to his mother his real motivation: by integrating the teaching team, he has just taken one more step towards the post of director.

Eliott and Mehdi continue to delve into Zacharie’s life

Eliott continued to research the privacy of Chief Landiras. Zacharie worked well for a private chef in Dubai but he hasn’t worked there for a year. And Eliott does not know what Zacharie has done since he left. He couldn’t find anything about it. Hortense hypothesizes that Landiras may have taken a sabbatical year. But Eliott and Mehdi doubt it. They think Landiras must have done something wrong, which would explain why he disappeared from the radar. And to get to the bottom of it, they want to dig into these things.

Zacharie makes his second year students work in the amphitheater. He asks them to make a spit cake, a dessert cooked on the barbecue. The goal, to make this cake a dish worthy of a star. To keep Zacharie away, Hortense pretends to her teacher that she did not find the brooch at the commissary. And she asks for his help. Zacharie leaves with Hortense for the commissary and Mehdi and Eliott take the opportunity to search through his things. As Zacharie had just received a message, his phone is still unlocked. Mehdi does not find anything compromising in his texts. In the gallery, Mehdi discovers photos of a very beautiful girl. Eliott, he discovers in Zacharie’s wallet an article on pastry chef Eric Vendel and his new companion Gabrielle Massa. But Gabrielle is the girl Zacharie has pictures of on her phone.

Eliott preaches the false in order to know the true. He asks Zacharie if he knows Chief Vendel. Eliott claims to have read an article about this promising chef and his new companion. Zacharie claims not to know them. But he then passes his nerves on Mehdi .. Zacharie is not fooled and he asks Mehdi if it is because of him that Eliott asked these questions. Mehdi is uncomfortable. He confesses to Landiras that he is aware that he has not worked in Dubai for a year. Mehdi asks his teacher why he lied to them. Zacharie realizes that his student is digging into his life. He wonders if Mehdi’s goal is to spoil him so that he leaves the Institute. Mehdi assures his teacher that he just wants to understand. Zacharie declares to his pupil that his private life is none of his business. Mehdi apologizes. Zacharie gathers his things and leaves.

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Naël was kidnapped..

Théo is disappointed. The life project he had with the woman he loves will never see the light of day. But this disappointment escapes her father who does not hesitate to describe Marta as crazy to bind for having appropriated the baby of another. Theo takes Marta’s defense and asks his father to be silent.

While setting up the double A, Marta has a chat with Charlene about what she’s been up to. Charlene was not aware that her best friend had endometriosis. Marta confesses that this disease scares her a little and that she prefers to forget rather than talk about it. Then, Marta makes sure Charlene doesn’t hate her. For Théo’s sister, the main thing is that she told the truth. Charlene confides in Marta that she does not know if Theo will forgive her but one thing is certain, he still loves her.

Theo tries to understand the motivations that pushed Marta to pretend to be Naël’s mother. In search of answers, he goes to Rose to discuss it with her. Rose explains to her that Marta’s desire for a child is visceral and that when she heard of Naël’s departure, she acted on impulse. Theo is lost. Rose tries to make him realize that in the end, he doesn’t want to give up on his history with Marta. Rose explains to Theo that his girlfriend is still the same but with a sensitivity that he did not know.

Théo finds Marta at double A. He admits to worrying about her. Theo thinks that if Marta did such a thing, it was because she was not well. Marta confides in him that she has never been so ashamed in her life. Theo makes sure that Marta doesn’t do it again. Marta doesn’t hide his surprise because he didn’t want to see her anymore. Theo explains to him that he overreacted. The young man wants to stay with Marta and he confesses to her that he really wants to have a child with her one day .. They decide to resume their life together ..

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Rose and Antoine are walking Naël in the park when they meet Kelly and Jasmine. Antoine tells them that the social worker is going to pick him up today. Jasmine is surprised. And then she tries to find out if Naël will be adopted. Rose explains to her that Naël will first go to foster care and that they hope that he will indeed be adopted quickly. Jasmine does not lead off. .

Marta finds Rose and she confides in her that everything has been arranged with Theo. Rose encourages the young woman to stop feeling guilty and to move on. Rose suggests that Marta come and say goodbye to Naël before the social worker picks him up. When they get home, Antoine tells them that the baby has just fallen asleep. Rose allows Marta to give her a kiss anyway. Marta discovers with dismay that Naël has disappeared.

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