Here is a brand new legendary card from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion •


Saviors of Uldum, the next Hearthstone expansion, will be launched on August 6th, but today we can show one of its newest legendary Eurogamer cards.

King Phaoris is a legendary servant that can be played by any class, but that seems to be a real advantage for those with heavy decks. Play Phaoris on the board and summon a minion for the same cost as each spell in your hand. Nifty!

A feline humanoid torn with a pack of six (really, where do all these guys work?), Phaoris is the head of the Ramkahen tribe within the quicksand of Uldum.

A negative aspect, perhaps, is its cost of 10 mana for what is otherwise a fairly normal servant from five to five. It really is that Battlecry.
Phaoris is a card designed to be played in decks with many spells and solid draws to fill your hand – and thus the board – as much as possible.

Here are some exclusive shots of some King Phaoris combo in action:

Blizzard was also kind enough to give us a clean picture of the art work, below, for the pleasure of your desktop wallpaper.


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