here is the epidemiological situation in your town this Saturday

There was an average of 445 coronavirus contaminations per day in Belgium between August 26 and September 1, a figure down 1% compared to the previous seven-day period, according to figures released on Saturday morning by Sciensano. The total number of infections since the start of the epidemic in Belgium is now 87,174 cases, or 630 more than the day before.

You can discover, in the map and / or the table below, the number of cases reported in your town yesterday, since the start of phase 3 of deconfinement (June 8) and since the start of the epidemic

In some municipalities, the number of Covid-19 cases continues to climb. And in some of them, the famous “alarm threshold” (20 new contaminations per 100,000 inhabitants in one week) has even been reached or exceeded. So be careful that this “alarm threshold” should be put into perspective in some municipalities, the smallest of them can indeed quickly exceed it with a single case.

This Saturday, 205 municipalities have reached or exceeded the “alarm threshold” according to the latest consolidated data from Sciensano. Check in the map below if your municipality is part of it (the “Cumulative Incidence” will therefore be greater than or equal to 20).


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