Here is who will not have to pay the car tax for 5 years

The car tax it could become free for some categories of motorists for the first five years after registration. “It could” because since it is a regional and not a national tax, not everyone decides to make this solution their own.

We remind you that the car tax is that which is paid for the possession of the vehicle and is a regional competence. The same is not true for the super tax, which instead is paid directly into the state coffers.

To date, however, 18 out of 20 regions have decided to adopt this exemption for those who purchase electric cars: all except Lombardy and Piedmont. The latter two are not included not because they have no interest in limiting the impact that non-electric cars can have on the environment but because, as we will see shortly, they are already far ahead of the other 18 regions.

The category of beneficiaries, as mentioned, it only concerns motorists who own electric vehicles. This is a move made to incentivize the purchase of low-consumption vehicles and apparently limited environmental impact. An exemption that is added to others already existing for some categories such as the disabled.

Specifically, if you own a vehicle registered in October 2021, the car tax will be free until 2026. Only from this date will you begin to pay the car tax even if in any case, if you own an electric car, you will have the possibility of taking advantage of significant reductions. The reductions can reach up to 75%. As reported, should a 300 euro stamp be paid, the total to be paid will not exceed 75.

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The only two Regions that have not adopted this measure are Piedmont and Lombardy. Not because they do not focus on the green transaction like all other Italian regions but because in these areas the car tax for electric vehicles is already free and not for 5 years but forever.

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