Here you can get a juicy steak for the Winter Gourmet in week 7

Where can you get a good steak during the winter holidays? At VinterGourmet, you can sink your teeth into a good piece of meat with delicious side dishes at several popular restaurants across the country.

Are you into ribeye, cuvette or perhaps a delicious tenderloin? Beef and large steaks are always a hit when we browse the menu for dishes. During the winter holidays, many of the country’s restaurants have prepared a creative menu for their guests under the theme WinterGourmet, and several of them have beef as the main course.

Here you can read about a small sample of the many that offer tender beef and good steaks for the Winter Gourmet.


Photo: MASH

Copenhagen Gourmet

Copenhagen Gourmet normally stands for exclusive private dining experiences created by highly trained chefs with experience from some of the country’s best Michelin restaurants. In week 7 you can experience their cooking at NXTDoor. Look forward to Kasper Rune Sørensen and his team firing up a gourmet evening at an extraordinarily good price! And then, of course, there is beef as a main course.

Winter Gourmet menu

Baked, marinated white fish with parsley mayo, herbs and fennel salad

Main course
Cuvette of Greater Omaha with mashed potatoes, pepper sauce and cabbage

Dark chocolate mousse with pineapple baked in dark rum and crumble

Taken: DKK 250 per person (+fee)
Where: Bygmestervej 2, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Additional purchases: Psssst! It is possible to buy more wine and beer menu, bubbles and much more. See more via the button below.

Photo: Copenhagen Gourmet – the main course

Feed Bistro

A Wagyu feast is planned at Feed Bistro. Jacob Jørgsholm and the kitchen team have put together a tasting menu consisting of 15 unique taste experiences, which include contains extreme amounts of a wide variety of Wagyu and Kobe cuts, caviar, truffles, lobster and much more.

The event is an all-night experience, so a minimum of 3 hours have been set aside for serving the 15 dishes. After dinner, the cocktail bar on the ground floor is open, where it will be possible to continue the evening with party and colors until 02:00


1st serving
Wagyu oysters
Wagyu striploin carpaccio, truffle, egg yolk
Confit quail lollipops

2nd serving
Lobster tartare and caviar
Wagyu Sashimi, fat counts, truffle
Pork and caviar

3. serving
Flambé Japanese A5
Wagyu, lobster and caviar nigiri

4. serving
Wagyu bearnaise tartar
Wagyu, lobster and caviar though
Wagyu tonnato og tunsashimi

5. serving
Crispy ravioli, confit wagyu cheeks, portobello sauce
Wagyu Wellington Spring Roll
Katsu slider

Vanilla ice cream, Beluga caviar and white truffle

Taken: DKK 1695 per person (+fee)
Where: Vesterbrogade 1p, 1620 Copenhagen V
When: February 16, 2023

Additional purchases: Here, too, there is plenty of opportunity to purchase a well-considered wine menu to go with it.

Feed Bistro also offers one 7-course menu on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 14 February. Here, there is also delicious meat on the menu in the form of Beef Wellington.

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Foto: Feed Bistro – Beef Wellington

Copenhagen: MASH

MASH stands for Modern Amerrican Steak House, and they ALWAYS manage to deliver when you crave a juicy steak. For the Winter Gourmet, MASH offers the following menu:

With avocado, cucumber, chilli and Japanese dressing

Main course
200 grams of Uruguayan tenderloin
Exclusively selected grain-fed beef of the highest quality
As well as one optional side/vegetable and one optional sauce

Panna Cotta
With raw marinated berries

Taken: DKK 490 per person (+fee)

Additional purchases
Choice of wine menu and tea/coffee: 285 kr.

2021 Grüner Veltliner, “Thal”, Weingut Hiedlers, Kamptal, Austria
2020 Pinot Noir, Gevrey-Chambertin, “Old Vines – Les Jouises”, Frédéric Esmonin, Burgundy, Frankrig
Americano eller the

Choice of fried foie gras for steak: 85 kr.

Much more MASH: MASH has addresses in several different places in Greater Copenhagen and the surrounding area as well as in Aarhus and Odense. The menu is the same for all MASH restaurants.

Copenhagen: Darling Bistro & Bar

Darling Bistro & Bar is located in the heart of Copenhagen, with a terrace overlooking the historic Slotsholm canals and a view of Christiansborg. Here you can come by and enjoy their eminent cooking skills, and a tasty menu with beef cuvette as the main element has been prepared for VinterGourmet.

Winter Gourmet menu

Smoked halibut, smoked cheese, radish, malt and dill

Main course
Beef cuvette, French fries Anna, kale and truffle sauce

Lemon moon, crème anglaise, lemon and muscovadois

Taken: DKK 249 per person (+fee)
Where: Ved Stranden 18C, 1061 Copenhagen K

Additional purchases: Yes! Darling offers, among other things caviar for starters, fried foie gras and fresh truffle to the main course. You can also order an aperitif or wine menu if you wish. See more via the button below.

Copenhagen: Restaurant Koefoed

Koefoed is one of the eternally popular restaurants in the city, and there are many good reasons for that. The place has a very special relationship with the Bornholm pantry, and so they are mentioned in the Michelin Guide. For VinterGourmet, they also offer a nice menu, and the price is also worth eating.

Winter Gourmet menu

Halibut with red grape, cucumber and black sesame

Middle right
Confit veal brisket, Jerusalem artichoke, seaweed and broth

Main course
Beef, mashed potatoes, celery, winter spinach and pepper sauce

Creme fraiche parfait and Bornholm honey

Taken: DKK 395 per person (+fee)
Where: Landgreven 3, 1301 Copenhagen K


Aarhus: Café Faust

Café Faust is centrally located on the charming Åboulevard in the heart of Aarhus. A place that holds several qualities, depending on what time of day you enter. Here you can get everything you are looking for – including a delicious steak.

Winter Gourmet menu

Starter: Cauliflower puree with fried cauliflower, roe, artichoke chips and brown butter with hazelnuts, soy, lemon and capers

Main course: Steak of beef tenderloin with French fries Anna with root vegetables, celery puree, mushrooms, chips and truffle ice cream

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Dessert: Vanilla pannacotta with passion puree, salted caramel and burnt white chocolate

Additional purchases
Wine menu:
DKK 195 per person (+fee)
Famiglia Corsarini, Pinot Grigio // La Fiducia, Apassimento // Wien. 1, Riesling/Grüner Veltliner/Pinot Blanc

Taken: DKK 320 per person (+fee)
Where: Åboulevarden 38-42, 8000 Aarhus C

Photo: Café Faust

Aarhus: Globen Flakket

Globen Flakket is ideally located along the river in the heart of Aarhus. It is a cozy café and restaurant with a warm atmosphere, friendly and personal service and a kitchen that puts the quality of the ingredients first.

Winter Gourmet menu

Creamy artichoke soup
Today’s fish, bacon, pickled Jerusalem artichokes
2 types of sourdough bread with aioli

Main course
Beef tenderloin
Greens, petit potatoes, bearnaise sauce

Heavy chocolate cake
Braised pineapple, raspberry sorbet, crystallized chocolate

Additional purchases
Welcome bubbles: DKK 50
Beer menu (1 glass for each course): DKK 150.
Wine menu (1 glass for each course): DKK 165.
Coffee/tea with sweets: DKK 50.
Evening cocktail after dinner: DKK 50.

Taken: DKK 225 per person (incl. fee)
Where: Åboulevarden 18, 8000 Aarhus C

Aarhus: Restaurant L’øst

We welcome you inside to VinterGourmet in week 7 – a week where service and food will be at the fore for our guests, who need a little break in a busy everyday life.

Restaurant L’east

Winter Gourmet menu

Organic beetroot tartare, with fresh Danish goat’s cheese, deep-fried capers, pumpkin seeds and crisp malt

Main course
Bavette of Danish welfare beef, French fondant with onion puree, fried onion and Granny Smith apple, marinated kale and beef sauce flavored with mustard

Spiced apple/honey pie with honey from our own bees. To this, apple sorbet

Snacks and bubbles: 95 kr.
Salat: 50 kr.
Coffee and petit fours: 35 kr.

Taken: DKK 285 per person (+fee)
Where: Østergade 10, 8000 Aarhus C

Additional purchases: Yes! Snacks, bubbles and Coffee & Petit Four

Silkeborg: Restaurant Kildesø

Winter Gourmet menu

Hot smoked salmon on grilled bread with horseradish cream and Moroccan salt-pickled lemon

Main course
Fully roasted Danish Angus ribeye with pea bonne femme, pommes marcaire and pepper sauce

Rocky road brownie, with caramel, marshmallows, variation of blackcurrant and sorbet.

Taken: DKK 285 per person (+fee)
Where: Udgaardsvej 2, 8600 Silkeborg

Additional purchases: Snacks and bubbles: 95 kr. // Wine menu 3 glasses: 250 kr. // Coffee and sweets: 55 kr.

Silkeborg: Michael D.

Photo: Michael D.

At Restaurant Michael D. you can look forward to seasonal and innovative flavors in pleasant surroundings. The house’s dedicated team consists of committed chefs and competent waiters, who look forward to taking you by the hand and guiding you through a multitude of experimental flavor nuances.

Winter Gourmet menu

Lobster bisque – Tarragon – Apple – Fennel
Ceviche – Lime – Cucumber
Gnocchi – Truffle – Oyster Hat
Veal – Bordelaise – Seasonal greens
Crème brûlée – Lemon – Mynte

Taken: 350 kr. pr. person
Where: Papirfabrikken 12, 8600 Silkeborg

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Holstebro: REAL Brasserie & Bar

At EKTE, they choose simple and tasty ingredients that are typical of the season. And preferably organic, if possible. The chickens have run around freely. The fish comes daily from the North Sea and the Limfjord. And the beef is cooked to the right taste and tenderness.

Winter gourmet menu

Starter: Lightly smoked salmon – Small salads – Skillet sauce with herbal oil – Rye bread

Main course: Entrecôte – Mushrooms – Crispy Fritters – Madakasgar Pepper Sauce

Dessert: Apples – Macaroons – Double Cream

Taken: DKK 325 per person (+fee)
Where: Nørregade 26, 7500 Holstebro


Photo: Restaurant Nordatlanten

Odense: Drewsens

If you are into delicious ingredients and exquisite flavors served in beautiful surroundings, you must stop by Drewsens Spisehus in Odense. Here they live in newly renovated and fantastic surroundings, Flakhaven, where they have created a dining house and lifestyle house on three floors.

Winter Gourmet menu:


Starter: Lobster bisque with chili oil, freshly baked bread with butter

Main course: Beef ribeye with baked onions, French fries Anna and Madagascar pepper sauce

Dessert: White chocolate panna cotta

Water ad libitum with soft drinks is included in the price.

Taken: DKK 375 per person (+fee)
Where: Flakhaven 1, 5000 Odense C

Additional purchases: Yes! You can purchase a coordinated wine menu with 4 glasses for DKK 300.

Odense: Restaurant Nordatlanten

Restaurant Nordatlanten is a classic gourmet restaurant with a Nordic touch, which appreciates the good ingredients. They make use of the herbs, fish and vegetables that the North Atlantic countries have to offer. On the occasion of VinterGourmet, they have not surprisingly also set the bar high in terms of their menu.

Winter Gourmet menu

Starter: Shell dys bisque with fried scallops, fennel and herb salad

Main course: Veal tenderloin with blackcurrant glaze, pickled blackcurrants, celery puree, potato croquette and fried mushrooms with thyme

Dessert: Chocolate bar with brownie, dark chocolate mousse, exotic compote, passion fruit cream and tuile

Taken: DKK 350 per person (+fee)
Where: Nordatlantisk Promenade 1, 5000 Odense C

Odense: Froggy’s Café

Froggy’s in Odense is your faithful companion for every occasion. For more than 20 years, the café has been one of the city’s most loved places to eat.

Winter Gourmet menu

Starter: Baked lightly smoked salmon with smoked cheese cream, croutons & watercress, plus a sour cream sauce with trout roe, chives and shallots

Main course: Beef tenderloin with truffle French fries Anna & onion in variety, served with Madagascar pepper sauce

Dessert: Froggy’s classic Crème brûlée with raspberry ice cream & fresh fruit

Taken: DKK 350 excluding fee
Where: Vestergade 68, 5000 Odense C

Still hungry?

VinterGourmet is the restaurants’ creative take on a winter menu, and many of them have also created their menu at a really edible price.
See all VinterGourmet events her. There is definitely something for everyone!

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