Here you can get the same mini solar system much cheaper

If you want to buy a balcony power plant, then you should pay close attention to the price so that the investment is worthwhile in the long run. The cheaper you buy, the sooner you make a profit. A balcony power plant is now also being sold at MediaMarkt, but it costs 120 euros less elsewhere. And even from the same dealer.

Buy a balcony power plant at MediaMarkt

If you are currently looking for a mini solar system, then the offer is now gigantic. You can also find some balcony power plants at MediaMarkt, but these are not sold directly by the electronics retailer, only via their platform. I came across an offer that is quite interesting from a purely technical point of view. You get a complete set with two 405 watt solar panels, a 600 watt inverter from Deye, which also has WiFi integrated so that you can call up the data directly via the app, a 5 meter Schuko cable with an end cap for 799 euros (look at MediaMarkt).

At MediaMarkt, the balcony power plant costs significantly more. (Image source: GIGA)

Somehow the set and dealer came to me from my article on the current prices of balcony power plants known before. And indeed, because the same dealer sells it on eBay exactly the same set for only 679 euros (look at eBay). If you were to order via MediaMarkt, you would have gotten the same goods for 120 euros more. While MediaMarkt’s range is rather weak, I can only recommend eBay’s range. For 680 euros you get a stable complete set with solid hardware. Shipping costs are also not incurred.

820 W / 600 W balcony power plant photovoltaic solar system ready to plug in WIFI Smart820 W / 600 W balcony power plant photovoltaic solar system ready to plug in WIFI Smart

820 W / 600 W balcony power plant photovoltaic solar system ready to plug in WIFI Smart

The price may be higher now. Price as of 02/02/2023 04:17

A balcony power plant is worth it:

Lots of overpriced deals floating around

As already mentioned, many solar dealers are on eBay and sell their balcony power plants there at very reasonable prices. Although have with net or Otto also discovered the market for other retailersbut you should always compare the prices. You shouldn’t pay more than 700 euros for a balcony power plant at the moment. Tend to be much less. Also check beforehand whether it is with you Subsidies for mini solar systems are available.

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