Here’s how successful SWAT and Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore got his name

While some Hollywood stars come up with stage names like Marilyn Monroe, others are born with names that seem destined for fame and stardom. Shemar Moores forged her path among fans with a curiosity that bears her name.

November 21, 2020 14:46 hs

While most of us know Shemar Moore for his roles in his shows, SWAT y Criminal Minds, has always had its legendary name. The meaning behind this is quite iconic.

Shemar Moore has had a long and successful career in Hollywood

Shemar Moore She started her modeling career when she was in college. At first, he had no real interest in acting. He was just a hungry college student looking for a way to pay his bills. Eventually modeling landed her a long-term role in The Young and the Restless  de 1994 a 2005.

While appearing on the soap opera, he was also the host of Soul Train for several years. He also appeared in movies like The Brothers y Diary of A Mad Black Woman. However, after getting a lead role in the crime drama, Criminal Minds, the level of fame of Shemar Moore it shot itself.

With nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry under his belt, Shemar Moore has accumulated many fans. From his days on the soap opera to his massive shows Criminal Minds y SWAT, the actor receives a lot of affection from his followers every day.

Born in Oakland to Marilyn Wilson and Shemar MooreThe 50-year-old actor got his name from his parents, who cleverly named their son after them. In an interview a few years ago Shemar Moore revealed how they did it.

“People always ask me,” Is that your Hollywood name? “No, my parents got creative. My father’s name is Sherrod and my mother’s is Marilyn. So, they removed the first letters of each name, “S” “H” “E” and “M” “A” “R” and they came up with Shemar.

In fact, the actor wanted to be known simply as Shemar when he started in the entertainment industry, but it didn’t quite work out in his favor.

“It was an idea, and when I sign my autograph, I do. I think I am one of the only people in this world, at least that I have met, whose name is Shemar. So I like the name and the sound when you say it. “


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