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Arthritis in the hands: affects in old age or for biological reasons. When she takes her hands it becomes very annoying: some tricks to find relief

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Arthritis can be due to an inflammation temporary or chronic of the joints and cartilages: it can occur most of the time with advancing age, due to the wear that our system undergoes. It can strike in all areas of the body but it is particularly disabling when it strikes the hands: with our hands, in fact, we are used to making the finest and most precise movements. Not being able to move them, or move them with pain, becomes a significant obstacle to everyday life.

Although some sort of prevention for arthritis is possible, let’s see how to relieve the pain when we have already been diagnosed. Constant exercise and treatment of the disorder can certainly improve the quality of life. If you initially feel fearful of the pain you may be experiencing or are afraid of making wrong movements, see a physical therapist. He will be able to show you a safe way.

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Arthritis in the hands: fight the pain

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First, it may be helpful to wear a brace, if needed, when the pain has become intense and you want to avoid further stress. Also use the heat and cold to your advantage: when the hand swells, put ice on it, otherwise, if it is stiff, a warm bag.

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As strange as it may seem, it is imperative to keep moving hand: obviously do it with extreme delicacy. Try to favor the single movement of each finger: extend your hand and slowly bend towards each palm, as far as you can. Alternatively, you could place your hand on the table and then lift each finger. Try other movements as well: the closed fist or the “o” with two fingers.

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