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JAKARTA – The government will open program registration in the near future Pre-employment Card batch 12. As of yesterday, prospective participants have been able to create accounts through the site provided by the executive management.

“The Prakerja site this morning can accept the creation of accounts for those who are interested in participating in the 2021 Prakerja Card program,” said PMO’s Head of Communication. Pre-employment Card Louisa Tahutu, Senin (22/2/2021).

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People who want to register for the batch 12 Pre-employment Card can already create an account on the site Pre-employment Card provided by the PMO.

Meanwhile, people who already have an account in 2020, but have not passed the selection, can renew their account which is also provided on the website. “We will announce the opening of the 12th wave selection process later,” he said.

Then, how do you register as a Pre-employment Card participant? Okezone has summarized it from various sources, here’s how to list it:

Before registering make sure you meet the requirements such as:

– Indonesian Citizen (WNI).

– Are over 18 years of age.

– Not currently doing college or school.

Prospective participants should also understand the steps for registering, as follows:

– Go to

– Prepare your Family Card number (KK) and Identity Number (NIK), enter your personal data, and follow the instructions to complete the account checking process

– Prepare writing tools to take the online motivation and basic skills test

– Click Join on the wave of the currently opened Pre-Work list

– Wait for the announcement of the selection of participants who passed the Batch 12 Pre-Employment Card list.

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