Here’s how to remove potholes in less than 5 minutes and without closing the road: “It’s revolutionary”

Potholes abound on certain Walloon roads. The city of Mons may have just found THE miracle solution to repair them quickly and efficiently.

Mons has just acquired a brand new machine that can perform hot tarmac repairs in just a few minutes. This device cost 450,000 euros but it could quickly pay for itself.

The potholes to be repaired are identified, no preparation is required, except for a clean sweep. The machine projects the hot tarmac: first an emulsion, then the pebbles. An express tarmac in less than five minutes, before the passage of the roller.

“I think it’s revolutionary. Cold tarmac, in the long term, doesn’t hold. There, it’s the emulsion that really comes to be plated hot and that will serve as glue”explains a worker.

So it’s more than a patch. Everything is embedded inside the machine. Enough to make 200 m2. The system also works for bumpy roads on the surface.

Temporary made to last

“This allows by plugging the cracks and the cracking that has formed, to prevent the water from infiltrating and from precisely reaching a point where the tarmac is deteriorating and creates potholes. There is the danger for users. That’s the advantage”says a worker.

The road is not closed and the effect is immediate: a new look and better performance announced. The tool costs 450,000 euros. It is less expensive than one km of roads to redo.

“In terms of budgets, to redo a complete road, we can count on more than two years to have the approval of the specifications and the execution. So automatically, to repair this kind of disorder, it is much more quickly and this allows for more sustainable solutions”he emphasizes again.

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The five m2 are redone in 20 minutes, temporary made to last.

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