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The battle for the drivers' championship saw Sebastian Vettel already lost before the penultimate Grand Prix of the season on Sunday in Brazil. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton do not want to leave the Ferrari star at the constructors' championship. But there are other topics to discuss in Interlagos.

Michael Schumacher is a legend of Formula 1. Seven times world champion of Kerpener – which has no equal. He won 91 Grand Prix – even this is unmatched. But will these records remain unrivaled? Lewis Hamilton currently has five titles and 71 wins, Sebastian Vettel four titles and 52 wins. Schumacher's time was difficult to compare with his, Vettel said when asked if the records could be broken. "I do not know, in the next few years it will depend on how competitive we and Lewis will be." The figures that Schumacher considers Vettel are "quite far".

Security in São Paulo

In the past, on the sidelines of the Sao Paulo race, there were occasional attacks on the Formula 1 teams. Of course, the organizer wants to avoid this year. "I always felt safe in Brazil," said world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The organizers have taken the right measures, so they also trust. "I've never really felt insecure here," said the Renault Nico Hülkenberg man. His team has established this year, but unlike the past on an armored car for the approach.

Four Formula 1 driving cabins are available

Four other Formula 1 cockpits are officially available for next season. Both Force India pilots, a Toro Rosso taxi driver and a Williams driver have not yet been announced. The talented Frenchman Esteban Ocon will have to leave Force India to give way to Williams Lance Stroll.

His father Lawrence is now a shareholder of Force India. The last chance for Ocons is Williams. If he does not become a regular driver in 2019, the Mercedes pupil will not change to any other series. Rather, he wants to stay close to the silver arrows and keep track of the tests, Ocon said.

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