Here’s the Shape and Point of Monkeypox Rash on the Body, Similar to Ordinary Skin Rashes


Until now, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has not reported any findings of monkeypox cases in Indonesia. Now, there are a total of 10 suspected monkeypox patients in Indonesia. However, nine of them have tested negative for monkeypox, while one last suspect from Pati, Central Java, is still being investigated.

Even so, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) highlighted the potential for monkeypox transmission in Indonesia. Given, the symptoms of monkeypox, can be similar to the symptoms of other diseases on the skin such as infection caused by bacteria (impetigo).

“The difference (monkeypox) is similar to impetigo. But smallpox is more closely related,” explained the Head of the PB IDI Monkeypox (monkeypox) Task Force, Dr. Hanny Nilasari, SpKK in an online discussion, Thursday (5/8/2022).



“Then followed by symptoms of fever, the symptoms that monkeypox patients complain the most are fever, myalgia, headache, he feels bad in the throat. Then enlarged lymph nodes and abnormalities in the skin,” he continued.

Monkeypox Rash Form

Furthermore, according to Dr. Hanny, in monkeypox patients, a rash appears in the form of patches on the surface of the skin. The rash will develop followed by a pimple. The nodule then becomes elastic, and develops into a pus-filled blister.

In addition, the location of rashes and skin disorders in monkeypox patients also tends to be typical. The following are the findings of the location of the rash on the monkeypox patient’s body:

  • Face (95 percent)
  • Palms and soles (75 percent)
  • Mucosa such as genital skin area and eye area (70 percent)
  • genitals (30 percent)
  • Eye mucous membranes (20 percent)
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