Here’s where women should apply perfume and where men should apply it to make it smell longer and more intense:

For many it seems that the durability of the perfume depends on its price. For example, if perfumes are expensive, they will smell better and last longer. But that’s not exactly how things work. A much more important role is played by the area on which you apply the fragrance . Furthermore in men and women these places on the body they may be slightly different.

Today we will tell you in detail about all the rules for applying perfume on the body. In this article, you will also find out where you cannot spray perfume if you do not want it to disappear quickly.


The amount of aromatic substances contained in it is responsible for the durability of the aroma. For example, there are perfumes labeled Extrait or PARF. Such perfumes are not sprayed, but applied pointwise on the skin. The smell is revealed more slowly but lasts much longer than others. And the price, as a rule, literally “bites”.

Eau de parfum (high and medium price segment) contains at least 15-20% aromatic substances. This agent is poured into bottles of various sizes and sprayed on the body in the usual way.

Eau de toilette almost never contains more than 10% fragrances. The durability of such fragrances is actually low and so is the price. All this is important to know if you want to buy a fragrance that suits you.

It happens that you get a headache from the perfume. This means that the concentration of aromatic substances in the perfume is very high. Therefore, you just have to choose other perfumes with a gentler composition.

Where to apply perfume for women and men

There is a general rule for applying perfume for men and women. This should be done on those parts of the body where the pulse is best felt. If you follow this recommendation, the fragrance will open as well as possible. In addition, it will merge with the natural body odor and become even more attractive in tandem with it.

Women should apply perfume behind the ears, on the neck below the lower jaw, in the crease below the knees and wrists. The inside of the elbow, abdomen and chest are also suitable.

Ideally, perfume should be applied to several areas at once. In most cases, it depends on the situation. For example, in the warm season, girls can spray perfume on the neck, wrists, chest, and behind the knees.

Men are advised to apply perfume on the neck, behind the ears, shoulders, lower jaw, chest, as well as on the forearms and the inside of the hands and wrists. You should not choose many areas at once and spray them with perfume. 1-2 places are enough.

Other shades

When applying the perfume, it is important not to overdo it. As a rule, only 2-3 sprays are enough to smell. Remember the basic rule: less is better than more. Both for you and for others.

If you spray fragrance into the air and then dive into that smelly cloud, we are quick to disappoint you. There is no efficiency in this. The same goes for rubbing perfume between the wrists.

The stronger the scent, the faster it will evaporate. So take a mini version of your favorite perfume with you if you have a long and eventful day ahead of you. Just renew the scent on the body from time to time.

We don’t advise you to put perfume on your clothes, although we all sin with it sometimes. First, you can simply stain your favorite dress or other garment. Second, the scent will disappear from the fabric much faster than from the body. Ideally, perfume should be applied to a clean body immediately after showering. The pores remain open and absorb the odor better.

There are areas to avoid. For example, you should not apply perfume near the eyes and under the arms. If you apply an unscented lotion or petroleum jelly to your skin before applying perfume, the scent will last longer.

It is best to store perfume liquids in a cool, dry and dark place, such as a wardrobe. Do not leave perfume in the bathroom, as high humidity and light adversely affect the state of the fragrance.

Persistence of perfume: editorial advice

There is an opinion that spraying perfume on the hair is prohibited. Not the most gentle composition of perfumes can adversely affect the condition of the hair, making the hair drier and more brittle. But experts argue otherwise: “Modern perfumes contain emollients. These are softening and moisturizing substances that do not allow drying. There’s no need to be afraid of spritzing perfume on your hair, especially in the amount of a few spritzes.

For example, I always put perfume on my neck (one spray) as well as on my hair (also one spray). True, I use a craft perfume that contains a lot of essential oils. Thus, the aroma lasts for a long time and then dissipates, leaving behind a pleasant aromatic aftertaste.

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