He’s Adama Traoré? The demonstration scheduled for today in Paris and want the “truth” in the answer to this question Today

The demonstration will demand justice, and truth,” in the case of Adama Traoré, who died in police custody in the department of Val d’oise, about 40 miles from Paris, setting off several days of unrest in the region.

In the past day, 03 of June, the city has received a protest against racism and police violence that has degenerated into clashes with police and led them, during the early morning hours, with the arrest of 18 people.

At that time, about 20,000 people gathered in front of the Palais de Justice, Paris, in protest, after the issuance of a new report by the forensics that it assigns to the death of a young black man, Adama Traoré, in 2016, the international criminal court.

The demonstration started over peacefully, but he ended up being killed by the police, who used tear gas and charges on all the protesters, and after a few of the participants have thrown rocks and bottles at police and vandalized the furniture in the city.

The protest was called in social networks by friends and family of Adama Traoré on the day on which it was disclosed to an expert, independent of the death of the young 24-year-old.

A separate report on the post-mortem examination has shown that, contrary to what had been announced at first, the young man died as a result of a placagem of the police force at the time of his arrest, leading to the fact that the proceedings brought by her family against all the authorities that have had to be developed further, with the hearing of witnesses.

The report concluded that, Traoré, died of heart failure, “most likely” due to the health problems of pre-existing illnesses.

Adama Traoré, the French origin malian, he died on the 19th of July, 2016, after being chased by three police officers. He died two hours after he was detained on the day on which it was 24 years ago.

All of you have gotten to the 17 o’clock that day, when Traoré and his brother Bagui you were in the area of the bars in Beaumont-sur-Oise, outside of Paris, france. According to reports, a police car will be stopped near the place where they were found, with the aim of securing Bagui Traoré, who was to be the subject of an investigation for “extortion”. Two police officers from the National Gendarmerie will be out of the car and arrested the two brothers for the “verification of identity”. Bagui, then the target will be remained as “calm” according to the police, Adama will have fled, according to his family, because they did not have the documents with him. This is the leak that causes the persecution of the police, and eventually culminated in the arrest of two cylons, cavil.

A post-mortem examination does not find any evidence of violence, and pointed to as a cause-of-death syndrome, and pre-existing infection. The family is brought down by traore. asked for a second autopsy, which found no evidence of infection, and pointed to strangulation as the cause of death. Sister of william Adama, S (the picture illustrating this article), has been a leader in the protest as to the cause of his death, and has become an activist for anti-racism in France

Four years later, the criminal investigation continues, the two opposing stands. With the death of George Floyd in the United States, and the case is once again in the spotlight in France, and now takes to the streets in a new protest.

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