Hezbollah comments on the event of Lehfed and Al-Majdal…This is what it announced

Hezbollah’s Mount Lebanon and North Command issued the following statement:

“Once again, the Zionist planes are violating Lebanese sovereignty. Once again, they are bombing the Syrian territories through our open airspace, in the shadow of the silence of international organizations and those calling for sovereignty and independence.

What happened last night was a blatant attack by the Zionist enemy’s planes on Lebanese and Syrian lands, specifically on a part dear to our hearts, the towns of Lehfed in the Byblos district and Al-Majdal in the Koura district. Where the divine providence prevented a massacre in the town and the damage was limited to material.

We in the region of Mount Lebanon and the North in Hezbollah stand by our people in the town of Lehfed, Jubailiya and all the towns that were damaged as a result of the recent Zionist aggression.

We ask God Almighty to protect our country, Lebanon, from the Zionist aggressions, which can only be confronted through resistance.


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