Hezbollah launches a mortar and missile attack against Israel, which responds with a drone bombardment

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The Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for an attack mortar shells and guided missiles against three positions in Israeli territory, in the first action from Lebanon of the war between Israel and the Palestinian militias of the Gaza Strip.

“Groups of martyr Commander Imad Mughniyeh attacked three positions of the Zionist occupation in the Chebaa Farms (controlled by Israel but disputed by Lebanon and Syria). The attack targeted the positions of Radar, Zeyden and Ruisat al Alam with a large number of projectiles and guided missiles,” according to a statement broadcast by Al Manar television, which acts as Hezbollah’s mouthpiece.

In the note, the group stated that the launch of these attacks were carried out in the “path towards the liberation of what remains of our occupied Lebanese landand in solidarity with the victorious Palestinian resistance and the fighting and patient Palestinian people.”

After Hezbollah’s action, the Israeli Army bombed Shiite militia infrastructure with drones in southern Lebanon, in the Cheba Farms area. “Recently, an Israel Defense Forces unmanned aerial vehicle attacked Hezbollah’s terrorist infrastructure in the Har Dov area (as Israel calls the Cheba Farms),” a military spokesman said.

The Lebanese National News Agency indicated that since early this morning “sounds of strong explosions have been heard in the villages of Arquob and Hasbaya, and the centers of Ruisat al Alam and Radar, which were the target of a violent artillery bombardment. The enemy army bombed regions occupied after announcing that their positions in Chebaa and Jabal al-Sheikh were the target of bombing from inside Lebanon.

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