Hezbollah's ambitions hinder the formation of the Lebanese government and Hariri will not give up


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The Lebanese Hezbollah, fearful of the impact of US sanctions after the entry into force of Iran, continue to block the formation of the new government in Lebanon, clinging to those who have known the year of Hezbollah, and this has thrown the hopes of the new stabilization step in Lebanon indefinitely.

A week ago, Lebanese President Michel Aoun did not hesitate to express his implicit rejection of Hezbollah's intervention by including opponents of appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri to the new government, while his statements were greeted with greater support by Hezbollah . "We will find a solution to the complexity of forming a government of national unity".

On the other hand, Hezbollah's general secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, did not leave the door and told everyone: "It is not for me and no government without my permission, I am the supreme head of the Lebanese Republic," a time when Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, did not hesitate to send an explicit message that he and Tehran had the responsibility to stop the birth of Hariri's government through the scarecrow of the independent Sunni minister. Not good, but fears an escalation.

Hezbollah's latest moves indicate that it has no doubt about the obstruction of Lebanese government formation, except by pushing one of the six Sunni community members of its allies into a ministerial portfolio, which has diminished the proportion of the Guided Future Movement from Hariri.

The leading Lebanese newspapers, including Al-Nahar, the Republic, the Future, the General and the General, stressed that the head of the Future Movement did not face a confrontation to prevent the formation of the government. His six allies.

However, Hariri categorically refuses to compromise his powers to form a government, or interfere with the share of his current, and believes he is not interested in representing the opposition group (March 8) in the government.

It seems that Hariri will not leave his path of refusal to represent the Sunnis affiliated to Hezbollah by his ministerial part, and who could implement his previous threat of apologizing for not forming a government at the insistence of others, Hezbollah means, their position.

It is true that the final version of the new government is almost ready, but Lebanon is waiting for the names of Hezbollah ministers, but it is unlikely that Michel Aoun will make concessions on the representation of one of the Sunni representatives allied with Hezbollah from his presidential 39, inside the government, which complicates the situation and warns the delay again in the formation of the government.


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