Hiba Abouk dazzles Hollywood stars without Achraf Hakimi

La Video of Hiba Abouk It has changed a lot in recent times. And one of the places that best demonstrates this is a setting like the Cannes Film Festival, in France. A year ago it was exhibited in the company of Achrafi Hakimi and, now, she does it without him, after their separation.

The actress lives without the soccer player PSG. and in that Dinner Festival, one of the most prestigious in the world, dazzled everyone present with his best look that did not go unnoticed at all.

Abouk and Achraf have two children together and continue with the divorce proceedings, after a few months ago they decided to lead their separate lives.

This does not prevent the actress from taking advantage of occasions such as the Film Festival to show herself to the world. Hiba Abouk He shared several images at the Festival on his social networks, as well as a ticket to a movie witho ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’.

That was one of the most anticipated films of the Festival by the cast of Hollywood stars, with the director Martin Scorsese at the helm, as well as the actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

Hiba Abouk He did not want to miss it, like his walk on the red carpet in which he captivated with all his beauty.

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2023-05-21 14:18:14

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