High-definition remake of the compilation “Wonderful Life Remastered Collection” announced a new release date in early February 2022 “Life is Strange: Remastered Collection”

SQUARE ENIX announced that the game development team Deck Nine’s “Wonderful life(Life is Strange, also translated:Life is Strange) “High-definition remake compilation”Wonderful life “Life is Strange Remastered Collection” is scheduled to be released on February 1, 2022.

The “Wonderful life“A fictional town in Oregon, U.S.”Arcadia“Bay” is the stage. The story tells the story of the female high school student “Maxine” who has the ability to “go back in time” and uses her ability to travel through different time and space to make a series of interrelated choices, facing the crisis faced by herself, her friends and the town. . After that, “Life is Strange: Before the Storm》、《Life is Strange 2“And other works.


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