High Prices of Basic Necessities, Minister of Trade Asks People to Understand

Saturday, June 25 2022 – 10:16 WIB

VIVA – Minister of Trade (Trade Minister), Zulkifli Hasan, asked the public to be informed chicken egg pricewhich is currently still perched high at the level of IDR 28,000 per kilogram (kg).

He considered, at least there has been a decrease in the price of chicken eggs by Rp. 1,000 per kg from the previous Rp. 29,000 per kg, although it is still far from the price before last Ramadan at Rp. 24,000 per kg.

“I hope this is understandable. Because farmer laying hens have been losing for more than two years. So if it’s only been a month to cover yesterday’s losses, I think it’s reasonable,” said Zulhas when met at Kramat Jati Market, East Jakarta, Saturday, June 25, 2022.

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However, Zulhas argued that the current price of chicken eggs and other basic needs in Indonesia is still cheaper than the prices of basic needs in other countries.

For example, the price of medium and premium rice in the range of Rp. 10,000-Rp. 12,000 per liter in the country, according to him, is still much cheaper than the price of rice in Singapore which reaches Rp. 32,000 per liter.

Meanwhile, the price of chicken is Rp. 38,000 per kg, still cheaper than in Singapore, which is Rp. 129,000 per kg. According to him, beef at IDR 140,000 per kg is still cheaper, compared to the price in Singapore which reaches IDR 170,000 per kg and in Hanoi, which costs IDR 170,000 per kg.

The low prices of basic materials in the country compared to those in those countries, Zulhas acknowledged is a result of the extraordinary subsidies that have been made by the government.

“So the government has given extraordinary subsidies. So if you want the price to be lowered so that the subsidy goes up, the government can collapse. Now it’s already Rp 500 trillion more for subsidies,” said Zulhas.

“Moreover, the government is still issuing direct cash assistance (BLT) of Rp. 300,000. That is the maximum that the government can do,” he said.

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