High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale Announces She’s Pregnant

How the years go by! This morning, we woke up to news that made more than a millennial feel old, from those who grew up singing “You’re The Music in Me” from High School Musical at the top of their lungs and from those who discovered that Zac Efron had the potential to crush.

And it is that on Twitter the name of Ashley Tisdale became a trend, the actress who played the hateful and super rich Sharpay Evans in the Disney trilogy after she announced that she will be a mother for the first time by sharing a couple of photos on Instagram in where she showed her pregnancy.

In the photos, Ashley, 35, appears face to face with her husband, 38-year-old musician Christopher French to whom she has been married since 2014, wearing a flowing white dress, going barefoot and of course not, stop playing. her baby bump, in part, to make it stand out in the photograph.

In the publication, which in just one hour reached almost 800 thousand likes, her former High School Musical partner and also her best friend, Vanessa Hudgens congratulated the future mother and commented, something like that, like it was “the most beautiful thing I had seen”. Other celebrities have also been in charge of congratulating the singer as well.

On the other hand, her fans and lovers of High School Musical also made her a trend on social networks by sharing their congratulations and also their amazement because one of their teenage idols is about to become a mother.

Ashley Tisdale is pregnant. Imagine growing up knowing that Sharpay Evans herself is your mother, “wrote a user and” Ashley Tisdale pregnant is the biggest slap of adulthood since Rupert Grint was father, “commented another woman on Twitter, these being the most recurrent comments about him actress’s pregnancy.

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