High security measures in Argentina .. Bin Salman chooses to go down to his country's embassy rather than to the hotel – Al Jazeera Net


Saudi hereditary prince Mohammed bin Salman chose to take off at the Saudi embassy in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires instead of the Four Seasons Hotel where he was supposed to reside, said Al Jazeera correspondent in Argentina.

The journalist stressed that Ben Salman decided to refrain from staying in a luxury hotel in Forsyne and took refuge in the embassy of his country after receiving advice from his security team and the Argentine authorities about possible protests in the hotel.

He added that a number of protesters were greeted by Mohammed bin Salman upon his arrival at the embassy, ​​and echoed the words and expressions against him.

Bulletproof glass
According to the correspondent, he said that the security measures were taken very tightly around the Saudi embassy after the arrival of the Crown Prince, and stressed that the special forces protecting the headquarters, have closed the streets and put a series of barricades to prevent access.

One of the measures taken to protect and protect the embassy was to place bulletproof glass on the main windows and at the front of the building to eliminate any danger that the young prince could face during his stay at the embassy .

First arrivals
Mohammed bin Salman was the first official to reach Argentina, although his participation at the summit could be the most delicate and embarrassing among the participating leaders due to the global uproar raised by the Khashoggi assassination case.

Bin Salman arrived in Buenos Aires from Tunisia after a tour that also included the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, his first tour abroad after Khashoggi's death at his consulate in Istanbul on 2 October .

Last week, the CIA reported that it had concluded that the killing of Khashoggi had been ordered directly by Mohammed bin Salman, but US President Donald Trump questioned the IAEA report and promised to remain a "permanent partner" for Saudi Arabia, although he said that the Saudi prince may have been He was aware of Khashoggi's killing plan and probably did not know it.

A cause
Human Rights Watch called on Argentina to use an article in its war crimes constitution to investigate the role of the Saudi hereditary prince in possible crimes against humanity in Yemen and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi .

"The hand of justice is not short and the violators have also been touched on another continent," said Human Rights Watch, in view of a visit to Argentina by Reuters on Twitter, before the G20 summit in Argentina.

"Before going to Argentina to clean up your image to the heads of state at the G-20 summit, I know the judiciary could investigate your potential crimes," said the Saudi hereditary prince in a brief statement.

Attorney General Ramiro Gonzalez asked federal judge Ariel Lejo to obtain information from Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Turkey regarding the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the Yemen war and other documents before deciding if the Argentine judiciary could investigate and prosecute the Crown Prince. Mohammed bin Salman.

The newspaper concluded that the request for information on the files in question means practically delaying any possible legal action against Mohammed bin Salman.

Security measures
The Argentine authorities have adopted strict security measures to host the G-20, including the deployment of 24,000 police forces, and to block access to a part of the Argentine capital and have ordered the closure of the underground stations and airports in an unprecedented pace.

The meetings of the heads of state and government of the G-20 countries will be held on Friday and Saturday at the convention center on the banks of the Rio de la Plata river, which separates Argentina from Uruguay and separates the city from the rest of the city from highway, railway and police barriers.


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