HiHi Jets excites the audience with their unique “decisive technique” 2nd runway runway Mizuki Inoue “Senior face in the dressing room” <GirlsAward 2023 S/S>

HiHi Jets/Johnny’s Jr. appeared at Japan’s largest fashion and music event “Rakuten Girls Award 2023 SPRING/SUMMER” (hereinafter referred to as “GirlsAward”) held at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium in Tokyo on the 4th.

HiHi Jets “Special Runway” performance

HiHi Jets, who performed for the first time at “Girls Award”, also showed a live performance, and all five members performed “Special Runway” one by one. At the top of the runway, Soya Igari makes a cute finger heart, Yuto Takahashi (*”High” is officially “Ladder”) takes off his jacket and throws a kiss with his index finger, and Hashimoto puts his hand on his mouth and blows. captivate the audience with

Sexy Ryo Hashimoto (C) model press with hand on mouth

Mizuki Inoue showed a mischievous wink while sticking out his tongue, while Ryuto Sakuma showed a slightly embarrassed expression while throwing a kiss.

HiHi Jets appeared again on roller skates and showed some acrobatic movements. Takahashi talked about his impressions of the runway, saying, “The scenery at the moment it came out was different or unique from the concert.” looked back.

Soya Igari (C) Model Press Tsukkomi to Mizuki Inoue on the second runway

In addition, Igari remarked to Inoue, who showed some leeway on the second runway today, “I was facing my senior in the dressing room” and “I’ve only walked once”.

“Girls Award 2023 S/S” theme is “Happy Shower”

“Rakuten Girls Award 2023 SPRING / SUMMER” (provided photo)

The theme of this event is “Happy Shower”. “I want everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest this spring! Girls Award will deliver the happiest stage so that glittering emotions and moments such as ‘happy’, ‘fun’ and ‘happiness’ will pour down like a shower.” is included.

The performers include gorgeous models such as Nicole Fujita, Michopa, and Maika Yamamoto. Kanna Hashimoto, Mio Imada, Daigo Nishihata (Naniwa Danshi) will appear on a special stage as guests, and Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, NiziU, and INI will liven up the event with live performances.

MC is Ryota Yamazato (Nankai Candies) & Kasumi Mori. Mori was selected as MC for the first large-scale fashion event after turning freelance. (modelpress editorial department)

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