Hina Gus Dur Pickek’s Viral Video, These are 4 Controversial Statements of the Regent of Banjarnegara

Suara.com – Figure Banjarnegara Regent Budhi Sarwono back into the public spotlight due to his controversial statements.

Having previously mentioned Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, with the name tailor, is now an old video showing him dodging Gus Dur return viral.

Here’s a row controversy Regent Budhi Sarwono who became the public spotlight, summarized by Suara.com from various sources.

1. Insulting Gus Dur

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An old video showing Budhi Sarwono, mentioning Gus Dur picek (couldn’t see) it became a public discussion. The video went viral again after being uploaded by a Twitter account.

In the 23-second video, Budhi Sarwono talks about Gus Dur’s closure of the Information Department and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The statement in the video is known to be delivered in 2019.

“Oh, sir, it’s the Secretary of State, that’s another service, it’s closed because of the social affairs. Bubarna kabeh is not going to PU kabeh. Didn’t sign the saiki. Gusdur seng pickek bae closed the information service because of social work. Is maning wincin (Budhi Sarwono) seng matane literate. , it’s all closed. Dismiss all for the PU service. I’m signing it now. Gus, who is blind, closed the Information and Social Service especially Wincin, whose eyes can see),” Budhi said in the video, quoted by Suara.com, Sunday (29/8/2021).

2. Call Luhut the Minister of Tailors

Recently, Budhi Sarwono has also been in the public spotlight due to his statement regarding Coordinating Minister Luhut.

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In a video, Budhi mentions the name of Coordinating Minister Luhut as a tailor. He then apologized to the public, especially the Batak tribe, for mentioning one of the Batak clans in an inappropriate way.

“When the Emergency PPKM was 99 percent (the BOR), the red zone was almost mixed with black. After the instructions from the Minister of Home Affairs and according to the advice of the President and everything was explained by the Minister of Tailors, Ruhut Tailor, I carried out the instructions,” said Regent Budhi in the video clip.

3. Allow residents to hold activities during a pandemic

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Regent Budhi also made a controversial statement. He allowed Banjarnegara residents to hold various events during the pandemic, while still following health protocols.

“I advise the public, the regent is fully responsible for recitation activities, sports, arts, ebeg please continue. But don’t forget (don’t forget) that health protocols should not be used,” said Budhi Sarwono in the video.

In the 2 minute 50 second video, Regent Budhi also asked residents and village heads to report if there were people who were intimidating about the activity.

He even asked to take a photo of the scary person to report it to himself.

4. Mention the Banjarnegara football team is often used

Not only that, Regent Budhi has also conveyed a controversial statement regarding the Banjarnegara football team, Persibara, which plays in the provincial League 3, often echoed by the Central Java PSSI Asprov.

He said Persibara was asked to send some money to the Central Java PSSI Asprov. The nominal is IDR 100 million per game.

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“To play, if you want to win, you have to pay. If you want to win, you have to pay Rp. 100 million. The proof of the transfer is all there. Even here, the number continues to grow,” said Regent Budhi at his official residence in 2018.


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