His brain is infested with larvae, he dies


He succumbed to an extremely rare pathology. An 18-year-old Indian boy succumbed to a new case of neurocysticercosis in mid-March.

The young man had eaten badly cooked pork and had to be hospitalized in Faribad (near the capital New Delhi) after convulsions.

According to New England Journal of Medicine, the patient also suffered from groin pain and eye swelling.

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He had to have an MRI, which is where the doctors discovered cystic lesions in his brain. This was actually infested with larvae of Taenia solium, more commonly known as "solitary worm".

The young man's central nervous system was paralyzed by many worms. The cysts were also detected in the patient's eye, even one of his testicles had been touched.

The doctors could do nothing to save him: administering pest control was too risky. He died after two weeks of hospitalization.

This drama illustrates once again how important it is to ensure the correct cooking of meat products that may be contaminated with tapeworm eggs.

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