his cell saves his life by stopping an arrow


If laptops are increasingly present in our lives, they can also save our lives. This is the crazy story that happened to an Australian, that has been saved Wednesday 13 March after his cell phone served as a shield stopping at arrow running straight to his heart.

The facts occurred at Nimbin, in the state of New South Wales, in Australia. The miracle, a man of 43 years, saw the alleged attacker in his driveway as he was leaving his car, reports the news channel American CNN. He wanted take a picture of the armed man of his bow and his arrow. The individual obviously did not appreciate and then fired the arrow at his chest.

A snapshot shows that the bullet reached the 1940s mobile phone without seriously hurting him, even though his chin was touched. The police arrested the attacker who, according to police reports, is known to the victim.

The archer was charged "intent on committing a criminal offense stabbing "and" aggression that causes physical damage and intentional damage ". He was released on bail and will appear in court Monday, April 15th.

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