His contract with Barcelona has expired and he is not linked to any team… Messi is conducting a training session with his children! (Video)

The Argentine Lionel Messi, who is not associated with any team at the moment after the expiration of his contract with Barcelona on June 30, published a video of him playing football with his two children, Tiago and Matthew, along with another child.

Through the video, it seemed that Messi’s two children were more skilled than the third, whose identity was not determined, as the latter kept trying to get the ball that Messi and his children exchanged among themselves, but to no avail.

And press reports indicated, earlier, that Barcelona had agreed with Messi to sign a new contract for 5 seasons.

It is expected that Messi will officially decide his stay with Barcelona at the beginning of next August, after the Catalan club is able to provide his salary and solve the huge salary crisis that the team suffers from.


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