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Less than a year after giving birth to her first daughter, Julieta, the fruit of her relationship with her husband Gustavo Vanadia, with whom he has been married for two years, the daughter of Boring Prada He announced through social networks and with a tender post that he is again in the sweet wait.

happy the 4”, he just wrote florence prada under a string of family postcards on the beach, taking by surprise several close friends both to her and to the legendary producer of show match. And while recovering from Covid, the actress spoke with Paparazzi about such news.

I am four months old. We got married in 2019, in the pandemic year I got pregnant and my daughter was born at the beginning of 2021, so at the end of the month she turns one year old. And now we are back. The sex of the baby is not yet see“, started flower.

And followed: “We told the family a little before the holidays. We finished telling my grandparents before going public, at Christmas, when we traveled to see them. It was in the plans, in the desire, to look for another baby and it arrived sooner than imagined”.

As for continuing to expand the family, the actress highlighted: “We believe that the question is closed here. We are happy because it is something that we wanted and wanted, but it happened faster than we thought. We are crazy about being able to enlarge the family and that Julieta has a brother or sister because we don’t know yet “.

“Another baby was in the plans and it came earlier than expected. I’m 4 months old and I still don’t know the sex,” Flor said.

I was full time with motherhood. I was just starting to do some work, in fact at the end of the year we were filming a fairly ambitious series of which we still cannot say the name, but Osvaldo Laport, Fernando Lupiz, Carlos Kaspar participated and next month I am going to be filming a series with production from Spain and actors from there“, advancement Prada about his artistic career.

And as for the artistic career, flower continuous: “I’m doing little things but, obviously, when the belly is bigger and the baby is born, because we don’t know the sex, I’m going to stop for a bit. And the idea is to continue with my profession, of course. But the energy and time is much more balanced towards motherhood and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Finally, Chato’s daughter closed: “I appreciate having time to be with my baby and of course the role of the father must be highlighted. Gus is full-fledged with me and we complement each other very well”.

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