“His development is the most amazing thing in the football world.”

Michael Owen, the star of Liverpool and the former England national team, flirted with Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, after the good levels he provided with the Reds.

Michael Owen said on the “DZAN” platform: “What Salah offers no longer surprises me, but anyone who would say that they expected Salah to score 40 goals in his first season would be false.”

And the former English star added: “Part of the matter is because we saw him with Chelsea, he did not start his time as a top scorer, but his scoring sense appeared with Italian Roma,” as he put it.

“But to come and score 40 goals in your first season, and then keep doing that in the following seasons, it’s surprising to me,” he said.

Owen continued, “I always thought that scoring is a natural sense that a player is born with, either you are a scorer or you are not, and that is why I see it as an instinct that is not acquired.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “But after watching Mohamed Salah, I saw that the player can develop in scoring. His development in front of goal is the most amazing thing in the world of football. If he continued at this level for several more years, he would be one of the greatest players ever.”

Salah had equaled Michael Owen’s number, in terms of the scoring record, as Salah had reached the 158th goal in various tournaments, to be equal to Michael, who is in eighth place on the Liverpool scorers list.

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