his last images of Mars before the storm


A mosaic of images taken in 29 days shows the environment of the Opportunity rover, which was immobilized forever by a huge sandstorm.

Before storm on the whole it does not immobilize it forever in Valley of Perseveranceclose toequator from Mars, opportunity he took a series of 354 photos of his environment with his Pancam camera. Assembled from Nasa, compose a splendid 360 ° panorama that can be admired under the microscope in every detail by downloading its very high resolution version (23.123 x 5.163 pixel, 83.2 Mb).

"This final panorama embodies what has made ours vagabond opportunity a mission of exploration and extraordinary discoverysaid John Callas, head of mission a JPL. To the right of the center, you can see the edge of the crater effort climb into the distance. […] At the right and left ends are the bottom of Perseverance Valley and the bottom of Endeavor crater, still intact and unexplored, awaiting visits by future explorers. ".

You can zoom in and out at will in this landscape that combines the latest images taken by the Opportunity rover. Do not hesitate to publish it in full screen! © NASA, JPL-Caltech, Cornell, ASU

The opportunity was in the heart of darkness

The photos were taken from three filters between May 13, 5.084is Martian day of the rover, and 10 June 2018, Sol 5.111. As you can see, the last images taken, bottom left, are in black and white, a sign that time was seriously starting to ruin the rover that has a vital need to light solar. In fact, it is missingpower, at the beginning of June, the rover did not have time to capture these last parts of the view, with the violet and green filters of his panoramic camera. And in the following days, the dust storm continued to grow and thicken, obscuring the sky ofopportunity which, as we know, has never managed to wake up again. That day, the opacity rate of theatmosphere of Mars was very high: Tau 10.8.

On these last images (see below), we can see how the darkness reigned over this region of Mars, leaving only a pale pale to guess Sun, too weak to warm up and feed Oppy. If this storm had not defeated him, the rover – in good shape and active for almost 15 years – could have explored the land and rocks of this once-humid region for years to come.

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