His mother dies, buries him in his garden to touch his retreat


The Belgian authorities discovered an obscure case of fraud in the pension fund on Wednesday 7 in Montbliart, in the province of Hainaut. They found on the bottom of a garden the body of an octogenarian who died in 2010 due to natural causes.

His son had buried him there without reporting his death to the administration to continue receiving his retirement pension. Several thousand euros have therefore been illegally hit.

The deception did not end until Wednesday because the son, aged 56, died this summer and a notary took over the sale of the house. It is he who, according to the Voice of the NorthI found suspicious that nobody has seen this old lady for years.

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The notary in question began to investigate his part and discovered that all the inhabitants of the neighborhood knew that Jeanine (it was the name of the octogenarian) was dead, but they thought it had been legally buried in a house. cemetery of his hometown.

A police investigation was then opened to find the body of this woman, for whom a death certificate had been established.

The daughter-in-law of the octogenarian, who has been widowed since this summer, has been arrested because she is complicit in this sordid affair of fraud. It had to be presented Thursday 8 to an investigating judge.

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