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His name is Eva Heyman.

She is a happy 13-year-old girl who lives with her grandparents in Hungary. She dreams of being a famous journalist.

A story on Instagram shows off with friends, taking ice cream with a crush and laughing with his family.

Eva's life seems light and carefree until a man enters the frame and says "dirty Jew".

From there, the tanks carrying Nazi soldiers enter the scene, their steel eyes fixed on the camera.

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This is eva.stories, an Instagram account ready to launch a series of segments showing what the Holocaust might look like for a teenage girl who uses Instagram.

The stories were launched as part of the Day of memories of the martyrs and heroes of the Holocaust, a day that is marked in Israel every year to commemorate the six million Jews killed as part of Adolf Hitler's program to wipe them out as people in Europe.

The project was carried out by Mati Kochavi, an Israeli billionaire behind 3i-MIND Technologies, who produced it together with his daughter, Maya.

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"If we want to bring the memory of the Holocaust to the younger generation, we must take it where it is," he said.

The Instagram account is based on a diary that was kept by a real Heyman in 1944.

"The memory of the Holocaust outside of Israel is disappearing," said Mati Kochavi The New York Times.

"We found the diary and we said:" Suppose, instead of pen and paper, Eva had a smartphone and documented what was happening to her. "So we brought a smartphone to 1944."

The project met with the approval of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But others have not welcomed it warmly.

Haaretz reported comments on the account that said "this is genocide – it is not a public relations project for Instagram".

Another comment said: "Where do you load your phone? … I'm dying to know."

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An editorial in the newspaper of the civic education teacher Yuval Mendelson said that Israeli youths are not respected.

But Noam Tirosh, a scholar focused on collective memory at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, told the newspaper that eva.stories have strong potential.

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"If Eva's Instagram page is exploited to promote a one-dimensional and superficial narrative of the Holocaust, it is doomed to failure," he said.

"On the contrary, if you take advantage of the advantages that exist in Instagram to share complex messages about the Holocaust, its lessons and its meaning for us today, will be a resounding success".

"Eva.stories" will run from sunset in Israel on Wednesday.

The project will reach its peak at 10 am the following morning, after a two-minute siren signals a moment to remember the victims of the Holocaust.

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