His victory raged as Gáspár Bea tossed and kicked the presents

The pine tree didn’t even stand when Beaa Gáspár was tired and threw the presents out into the yard.

Gáspár Győző wanted a really beautiful and perfect Christmas. The family is especially important to him, which is why he is confident that he can make the events unforgettable.

Well, he did it in some ways, though not in the form he thought. After it was very difficult to obtain the pine tree, they tried to set it up in the yard.

Meanwhile, Bea became very angry, tired of it all, and threw out the presents one by one. Victory immediately suffered a brain attack as he knew the gifts could be damaged.

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There were tableware, a phone, perfume, they just flew in, one of them even kicked Bea. “Glass set… glass set!” Bea said aloud, kicking the box in front of Victory with a well-aimed motion.

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