His wife Dadasheva spoke about his son's farewell to a dying father, Rambler / Sport

The wife of the Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev, who died after the brawl, Elizaveta spoke of the reaction of the two-year-old son to the death of his father, reports Sports.ru.

The tragic battle took place on the night of June 20, Moscow time. The Russian fought with the Puerto Rican Subriel Matias. Before the 12th round, his team asked to stop the fight due to the deterioration of the boxer's health. Dadashev was hospitalized. The doctors diagnosed him with cerebral edema and performed trepidation, after which the athlete was introduced into an artificial coma. It was not possible to save it. Dadashev died on August 23rd.

"When we arrived at the hospital, the doctors immediately said that Max has no chance. My world has collapsed. Maxim is more important to me than anyone else!

I entered the ward, saw the state in which he was. Then they asked me if I wanted my son to enter the room. I realized that maybe I was doing something wrong, but I decided firmly: the child should have said goodbye to his father. Yes, Max didn't see, he didn't hear anything, but I thought it would be right. Daniel stopped and started shaking his father. He said, "Dad, get up!" It was very scary.

When the son went out with my father in the street, he pointed to a tree and said, "Grandpa, look, it's a big bird sitting there." And no one was there. And when they went to the hotel, Daniel pointed to the window and said, "Here it is, this bird! She chases us." At that point, Max's brain was already dead. In fact, he was already dead … In fact, his body was simply in artificial life support. My father, also an atheist, heard the goose-skin from his nephew's words, "the woman said.

Earlier it was reported that a mixed Uzbek (MMA) fighter was killed in a street fight.

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