Hisham Okasha: "Meza" targets 20 million non-bankers


Hisham Akasha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt, said that the "advantage" of the national electronic payment card is intended for more than 20 million citizens who do not deal with the banking sector, stressing that the paper came in response to the recommendations of the National Payments Council led by the President of the Republic. He added that prepaid cards will be offered to citizens, which are easy to obtain and receive immediately in the simplest banking procedures and explained that coordination with the Central Bank is underway to allow the use of these cards in the purchases and Secure online payment for all local payments, especially government payments.

For his part, Yahya Abul Fotouh, vice president of the Bank's Board of Directors, said that three types of prepaid cards will be offered to a large segment of citizens outside the government or banking sector, especially youth and daily employment, and the second for salaries to be used in the transfer of salaries by the authorities. And provided by customers either in cash withdrawals or purchases and third party debit cards that will be issued to bank customers who have accounts in local currency.

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