History of Emerald – the gemstone for those born in May

History of Emerald – the gemstone for those born in May

It is considered a stone Emerald Of the most luxurious and most beautiful Precious stones Green in color, the word Emerald comes from the ancient Greek word smaragdus, which means “green.”

Emerald stone is one of the most beautiful gemstones

It was the first Emerald mines known in history in Egypt, dating back to at least 330 BC until the eighteenth century. Queen Cleopatra was also famous for her passion for emeralds, and she used it in her royal decorations.

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In Pharaonic times, the Nubian desert was famous for its emerald mines. Emeralds were exported to the palaces of the rulers of Persia, India and Byzantium.

History of Emerald Green Stone
History of Emerald Green Stone

Large quantities of emeralds were discovered in cemeteries and temples in Mexico, Peru and Colombia, and the Incas had been using emeralds in their jewelry and religious ceremonies for 500 years, and the Spaniards, who cherished gold and silver much more than precious stones, traded in emeralds for precious metals, when the Spanish invaders plundered Thousands of emeralds were mined in South America, and their trade opened the eyes of European and Asian monarchs to the beauty of emeralds.

The Roman Emperor Nero liked to watch the wrestling of slaves through a large crystal of emeralds, and Julius Caesar was known for his great fondness for acquiring and collecting emerald stones, due to its beauty and high value, and for what was attributed to him of the abilities he was attributed to.
Emerald is the most famous member of the beryl family, and it was believed in ancient times that emeralds treat diseases such as cholera and malaria, and wearing emeralds was believed to reveal the truth or falsehood of the beloved, and make one an eloquent speaker.

Emerald date – May stone

There are many countries at the present time, where there are emeralds, such as Russia, India, Brazil and Africa, but the best type of emerald is the Colombian emerald, which is characterized by a green shade that is the most beautiful and purest among all other types of emeralds, in addition to a high degree of clarity.
There are some grades of Colombian emeralds that are more expensive than some grades of diamonds, as the price per carat of it is about 25 thousand dollars.

The color of the emerald stone reflects the growth of spring, making it the perfect choice for those born in May, as many international jewelry houses have set their designs on Fine jewelry The elegance of emerald stones.

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Fine jewelery studded with emeralds from international brands

Rosedior earrings, Gyor Dior

Rosedior earrings, Gior Dior

Gold chain studded with diamonds and emeralds, by Tiffany & Co. .Tiffany & Co

Gold chain set with diamonds and emeralds, by Tiffany & Co

Diamond and emerald earrings, Nina Ransdorf Nina Runsdorf

Diamond and emerald earrings, Nina Runsdorf

Emerald and diamond pendant, by Chopard

Emerald and diamond pendant, by Chopard

Diamond and emerald earrings, Chopard Chopard

Diamond and emerald earrings, Chopard

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