Histovec: a site to discover the history of VO


To prevent the risk of returning used vehicles to the road, the Ministry of the Interior has just commissioned its Histovec site to learn some elements of the history of a used vehicle.

Regularly, the facts related to the VOs destined to the case, but put back on the road, make news … with sometimes dramatic consequences. It is to avoid this kind of drama that the Ministry of the Interior, as part of a series of measures to better protect VO buyers, has just put online a beta version of its site called "Histovec". The ultimate belief: to allow any used or professional vehicle owner to generate a report on the history of their VO prior to resale. And so, in the case of the buyer, have the opportunity to know this story before making his purchase.

"The goal is to reassure the buyer, but also to be against fraud during the resale of used cars and to avoid fatal accidents", observes the Ministry of Interior, recalling that in 2014 a 19-year-old driver was killed in a car accidentally damaged, repaired abruptly and recirculated with the complicity of a skilled expert. he had split into two.

The final version site ready for the end of the year

Through this site, the owner inserts some information on the registration form and the history of significant events recorded in the SIV (Vehicle Registration System), used by some services as the forces of the order. The date of entry into circulation, changes in ownership, claims with controlled repair or the administrative situation of the vehicle (pledge, opposition, theft) may therefore be known. This history of significant events can be shared by the seller with the buyer, as well as the buyer can access the official report hosted on the administration website.

The buyer can also, from Histovec, send a standard email to the seller to claim this story. If the site, initially tested with experienced VO retailers, is currently only available in beta, its final version should be ready by the end of the year.


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