Hitman 2016 faces review bombing on GOG due to DRM – Gaming – News

Then I think you’re going to give the game 1 star very bad in the context of the problem.

Review Bombing a game because a Publisher or Web Store is doing something wrong has nothing to do with how good a game is or not – You’re more likely to express your opinion about GOG/Developer/Publisher than the game itself. The mechanic says that the repair is free, but there are suddenly research costs. Then you say something about the Garage and not about the Car that you have made there?

Of course there are reviews that also describe the problems of an Offline experience since apparently 2/3 of the game is locked behind DRM and that it is for that reason, for a large part, unplayable. In this case I would like to argue that IO is not doing anything wrong and that GOG has done an oopsie in the curation of the game and has not paid attention and that it is therefore the fault of GOG and not the game. Because the game has always had DRM in this way, nothing has changed.

On the other hand…

The publisher and IO know that GOG is a DRM-free platform, so your game must be 100% DRM Free to be eligible. So I also think that the game, or rather the publisher and developer of the game, should come under fire because they try anyway against their better judgement. GOG is known to be a safe haven for people who don’t want to play DRM filled games, so these people are more likely to buy a game on GOG than on Steam or Epic. That is of course money that is lost that you can get this way.

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So the Publisher/Developer or GOG is underhanded and misguided in the sense that they say the game can be played offline when this is only true to a certain extent. Does that have anything to do with the game… or the publishers/developers. These are often difficult situations, often also situations where, unless you are Review Bombed, you are hardly heard or not at all. They are only too eager to cover this up.

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