Hitman 3: New Content in Year 2, Trilogy coming to Game Pass

IO Interactive lets it all around the Hitman series at the start of the second year of the current part Hitman 3 in terms of content. Not only will there be new content for this title, the entire trilogy will also be included in Xbox and PC Game Pass shortly.

So the developers now not only have the approaching first birthday of Hitman 3 celebrated in advance on January 20th, but also announced all sorts of news about the franchise. Starting on January 20th, all three reboot parts will be included in both the Xbox and PC Game Pass; Anyone who has not yet played the new adventures of Agent 47 will be able to do so without additional costs – provided they have a subscription to the Microsoft service.

The bundle includes the one released in 2016 Hitman, which was released in 2018 Hitman 2 and the current one Hitman 3 from 2021. The trilogy will not only appear in Game Pass, the bundle is available regularly for the platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store).

On the PC, Hitman 3 also marks the start of a completely new platform: virtual reality. The VR mode was previously reserved exclusively for PSVR on the PS4, but in future you can also immerse yourself in the virtual world of contract killing with PC VR headsets. Which headsets will be specifically compatible has not yet been confirmed, but according to IO Interactive “the most popular hardware” is included.

As if that weren’t enough, new content has also been promised for Year 2 of Hitman 3. Two new game modes are slated for release later this year, with Elusive Target Arcade kicking off. Based on the classic Elusive Target, there are a number of new features here, such as the ability to tackle multiple contracts at once. The biggest change, however, is the fact that the Arcade Contracts will be available permanently, while the other Elusive Targets were each available for a limited time.

The second new mode Freelancer for single players will follow in spring. Here there is a series of campaigns that consists of a series of missions. These can be played in any order, with Agent 47 each having to eliminate a criminal organization. There are also new types of NPCs and vendors at the locations who offer weapons and items for sale to improve the chances of success.

In this context there will also be new maps, one of them called Safehouse. There will be more updates later in 2022, including visual upgrades on PC with real-time ray tracing, support for DLSS and XeSS, and more.

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