Hitman 3 – Season 2 presents its big news. The Hitman trilogy announced on all media and Xbox Game Pass

Hours, hours…and hours of murder.

Last November, IO Interactive, proud of the behavior of Hitman III, announced that one of the deadliest balds in video games would return to service. Not exhausted from having faced the deadly sins, Agent 47 thus confirmed that he was going to set off again for a second season. We were already saying it at the time, between the pandemic, the good results of the game, the affection of the public with regard to the series and other projects under development within the Danish studio, this strategy appeared to be the most intelligent. And today, our opinion has not changed, even if the desire for a Hitman developing his recipe further is necessarily in the game.

In fact, keeping its promise, it was at the start of the year that IO Interactive came to present what to expect with this new season which will start on January 20th.

And unsurprisingly, this will go through new game modes, starting with “ cible fugitive arcade “. Taking up the basic concept, the arcade concept brings a chain of targets with ever more difficult mission complications which, however, will allow you to try your luck again, twelve hours later, after a failure. More difficult, but less severe therefore, this mode will bring a new challenge for new rewards, IO claiming to want to give more opportunities to play this mode to players. Why not.

But the most important side additions, will come from ” Freelancer which will land next spring in Hitman III. Offering to engage in various campaigns in which it will be a question of tracking down the leader of an organization, it will be a question of engaging in successive missions in the environments known from the trilogy in order to obtain intels and other equipment in the world. optics to defeat the great leader during the ultimate mission. A leader who is difficult to flush out and whose henchmen will be much stronger and more intelligent than usual for a result that is apparently as difficult as it is pleasant. Building on the rogue-like concept, since each death will lead to the loss of acquired equipment, this mode will always offer unique situations if we are to believe the developers, which bodes well for great replayability.

A replayability that can also be combined with a VR experience planned for PC on January 20, just like the Steam version of Hitman III. And as that was not enough, it should also be noted that the Hitman Trilogy will also be released on this date on all media (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S), including day one on the Xbox Game Pass. This promises hours and hours of assassinations.

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Oh and, last candy for the fans, a new map is also in the works. But the mystery remains whole around the latter.


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