Hitman & Bodyguard 2 in theaters June 30 – Moroccan ladies

“More explosive, more crazy, it’s a completely unleashed comedy! », Assures its director Patrick Hughes. The film is in Moroccan cinemas from June 30.

In HITMAN & BODYGUARD 2, the duo from the first film turns into a trio, Salma Hayek having nothing to envy of her two partners in terms of repartee or the ability to sow panic and chaos. His energy, his power of seduction and his strong character make him a character who is not intended to stay behind. She brings to the duo an uninhibited femininity which, far from playing on the same ground as the men, traces its own path. Sexy, determined and often dangerous, Sonia confronts, assumes and manages, not without uttering some heartfelt curses … She is also an emotionally complex woman and, although she destroys everything that stands in her way, her maternal instinct also drives her to desire a child and family stability.


The story

After all he’s been through so hard, the fallen ex-bodyguard Michael Bryce needed a break. This is how he found himself on a therapeutic stay on the Italian coast, with instructions to stay away from all violence and not to approach any weapon …
It was counting without Darius Kincaid, the hitman who blasted his life, and Sonia, his delicious unmanageable and heavily armed wife, who will drag him into a new crappy plan populated by mobsters, killers, explosions, brawls and conspiracies, with the added bonus of a formidable computer virus and a billionaire drunk on revenge. Happy Holidays, Michael!

Exit plan

Casablanca : Mégarama; IMax

Rabat : Megarama; Renaissance; Cinema Atlas

Marrakech : Megarama; The Coliseum

Tanger : Megarama ; Goya

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Fès : Empire

Tetouan: Avenue

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