Hitmen assassinate a Colombian dedicated to granting loans from “drop by drop” Piura | EDITION

Updated on 01/29/2021 09:27 am

From two accurate shots to the head, a young Colombian citizen who was engaged in a loan under the modality of “drop by drop” was murdered at the hands of two hitmen inside the room he rented in the urbanization Piura.

Yesterday, at 2:00 in the afternoon, the foreigner Juan Pablo Villa Muñoz (20) was in the room he rented, located on Gonzalo Farfán street, in the fourth stage of the Piura urbanization, when two hitmen apparently from his same nationality knocked on the door of his room. Upon opening it, they killed him with two bullets to the head, leaving him lying in the middle of a pool of blood.

The loud roars of the bullets alerted the neighbors who immediately called the Police. While the hit men fled quickly aboard a motorcycle that they left parked a few meters from the building.

“The Colombian was just coming out of showering because he was found with a naked torso and a towel tied around his waist, in a face-up position and the two impacts on his left temple. Apparently, he knew his murderers, since to go out to attend to someone half naked is because there is a degree of trust, “said a source.

Homicide detectives from Divincri and forensic experts arrived at the scene and carried out the investigation of the case. Meanwhile, security cameras that may have captured the murderers were searched in the area.

The head of Divincri, Colonel Walter Castro, said that the crime is a remarkable reckoning and that the victim was engaged in the loan of money and also worked in a mechanical workshop.

According to sources close to the investigation, the hypothesis is being handled that Villa Muñoz would have “closed” with some money destined for loans to his compatriots. “It is not ruled out that it is for the money from the loans, also in the room he found his suitcases with all his belongings ready to travel,” said our source.


Mother of the best and her partner would be involved in the macabre crime. (Source: América TV)


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