News Hitmen assassinated former 'Beto' Renteria in Tuluá - Cali...

Hitmen assassinated former ‘Beto’ Renteria in Tuluá – Cali – Colombia

High Police sources confirmed that the former Norte de Valle cartel, who I had returned to the country several years ago after being extradited to the US, he was murdered in Tuluá while visiting acquaintances.

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The murder caused a stir in this municipality where stories and legends were told about his life in crime.

Carlos Alberto Renteria, known as ‘Beto’ Renteria, was, apparently, at an address on 34th Street with 24th Avenue in the Sajonia neighborhood of Tuluá.

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He was in a room, sitting, in front of a bed, when a man entered and without a word shot him. The assailant then left the house and went with another man on a motorcycle. Renteria’s death was on the spot.

Carlos Alberto ‘Beto’ Renteria was assassinated in a house in Tuluá.

The news spread through the streets of Tuluá. Some have always defended him against accusations and others have admired him for his adventures outside the law.

The man had served a seven-year prison sentence for drug trafficking in the United States. He was captured on July 4, 2010 in Venezuela.

Before being arrested, he had been dealing cocaine since the 1980s and, At the beginning of the 90s, with the fall of the Medellín cartel, it consolidated its power in the north of the Valley, even though he always kept a low profile.

‘Beto’ removed the mustache with which he was recognized in the “Wanted” posters that circulated in both countries and traveled continuously to Argentina, but, at the time, he was located thanks to an informant who had cooperated with the location of one of his close men and liaison in Venezuela.

The changes of 'Beto' Renteria

The changes of ‘Beto’ Renteria.

The DEA priced a $ 5 million reward for his capture. In an early morning operation, on July 5, 2010, Renteria was detained by a combined group of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service and the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA), in Valencia, Venezuela.

That arrest, after seven years of monitoring, was carried out with the support of the British Agency Responsible for Organized Crime (Soca, for its acronym in English).

Just a week after his capture, Renteria was extradited on a DEA plane alongside Luis Frank Tello Candelo, alias ‘el Loco Frank’, and Carlos Ojeda, known as ‘the engineer of the sea’.

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In February 2018, it was sent from the United States to Colombia. He looked gray and thin.

When he returned to the country, this newspaper reported that “over the years he spent in detention, ‘Beto’ Renteria seems to have felt the violent disputes he had with the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers for control of drug trafficking in the north of the Valley (. ..) He looked gray, tired and with several kilos less “

He made sure that processes awaited him in the country, but the trail was lost until the murder on Wednesday in Tuluá.




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