HMS Prince Of Wales could be ready for sea trials in 12 months


HMS Prince of Wales is in the final stages of construction. (Image: PA)

This time next year, it is hoped that HMS Prince of Wales will leave the Rosyth shipyard in Scotland ready for sea trials.

Work began on the second aircraft carrier of Queen Elizabeth in May 2011 and is now in the final stages of construction.

Six shipyards throughout the UK have been involved in building the 65,000-ton warship.

Sir Simon Lister of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance said the ship is "physically complete".

"Now we are in that phase of rigging all the equipment inside the ship, connecting it, installing it and setting all the necessary equipment".

The Royal Navy states that the new generation of warships will have a huge impact providing uninterrupted air strike capability for the British army.

They have been specifically designed to carry F-35B Lightning stealth fighters.

All eyes are on next fall when it is hoped that HMS Prince of Wales will follow his twin ship HMS Queen Elizabeth out of the Rosyth shipyard and in the first sea trials.


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