Hoax! US uses birds to send monkeypox virus to Asia

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Monkeypox has been designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a disease with an international health emergency status.

Although not designated as a global pandemic, like COVID-19, the disease, which all appeared in Africa and spread to Europe, has reached ASEAN countries, namely Singapore and Thailand.

The news about monkeypox is also widely circulated on the Facebook platform. One of them, an upload that states monkeypox spreads through birds.

The post mentions birds that cannot fly or walk to be avoided for fear of spreading the monkeypox virus.

The following is the narration in the upload:
“Inform everyone wherever you are if: you see a bird that can’t fly, can’t walk, or is struggling on the ground, please don’t catch it or approach it for fear of contracting monkeypox.”

However, is it true that the US uses birds to send the monkeypox virus to Asia?

Hoax posts claiming that the United States and Western countries intentionally spread the monkeypox virus to Asia through birds. (Facebook)


According to a report by the Centers for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control (CDCIn the United States, the monkeypox virus can infect various types of mammals such as monkeys, pangolins, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, and mice.

Meanwhile, other animals such as birds, reptiles, and birds are very less likely to be exposed to monkeypox. Until now, this type of animal has never been found that has been exposed to monkeypox.

So far, no birds have been found to be infected with the monkeypox virus, or any other orthopox virus.

Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) monkeypox surveillance task force, quoted BETWEENreported that there have been no confirmed cases of monkeypox infection in Indonesia.

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“Until today, there have been no confirmed cases of monkeypox infection, but the government, health workers and the public must remain vigilant,” said Head of the Monkeypox Task Force PB IDI Hanny Nilasari.

Claim: US uses birds to send monkeypox virus to Asia
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