Hockey players nominated at the Beijing Olympics: Erban will not be at the Olympics!

In November, she was present when the Czech hockey players in Chomutov managed the Olympic qualification and, after the triumphs over Norky, Polka and Hungary, secured their participation in the five-round tournament for the first time.

But Erban won’t look at Beijing. From the successful “Chomutov team” there is no place left for the defender Andrea Trnková. The Olympics, on the other hand, will concern two players who were missing in Chomutov in November – forward Michaela Pejzlová was injured at the time, Tereza Vanišová in the qualifying tournament.

“The main reason why Karolína Erbanová is missing from the nomination is the return of Vanišová and Pejzlová. Both belong to the national team for a long time, they confirm the legitimacy of their nominations at all events. Of course, I am aware that it is not pleasant for anyone not to go to the Olympics in the end. It must be a big disappointment for Karolina and Trnka, “said Pacina.

Nomination of women’s hockey repre at the Olympic Games Czech hockey

Due to concerns about the spreading coronavirus disease Pacina, he also compiled a list of 11 substitutes who may be called to Beijing. “And Erban is one of the first on the list, which we consider a huge success for her. She went much further than we expected. But the players in front of him are deservedly nominated, “said the head coach.

Erban admitted that she was not surprised by the coaches’ decision. “This information was not something I would learn today. I knew my position in the team long in advance. Therefore, I am not surprised. I humbly take the coach’s decision. My task now is to be prepared if I need to take over as a substitute,” she said. for the website.

The most nominated players, eleven, work in the Swedish SDHL, five in the US NCAA, three in Russia and one in Finland’s top competition. Three nominated players work in the Czech Republic.

In the end, Karolína Erbanová did not fit into the Olympic nomination.Photo: repro Hockey stick TV

All nominated hockey players and 11 substitutes are fully vaccinated. But Pacina admits that the topic of covid is unfortunately on the agenda. “A lot of girls experience worries, fears and stress. Today is only that the disease and the measures against it are addressed, not the sport and the joy of it, as it should be at the Olympics. Every day we deal with thousands of different possibilities that may arise. The situation does not allow us to focus on our own performance, “Pacina shrugs.

And he doesn’t want to think about the fact that the Olympic tournament could end in the same fiasco as the recent Junior World Championships in Canada, which had to end prematurely due to positive tests on the covid in three teams.

“Everything is possible, but we do not deal with it at all. We are not afraid of that, we are rather preparing for various scenarios that may occur and which we can influence, “says Pacina.

The Czechs, led by Captain Alena Mills, will meet on January 24 at Prague’s O2 Arena, where they will start a preparatory camp before leaving for the Olympic Games. A total of six joint trainings await them in Prague. Departure to Beijing is scheduled for January 27 evening.

Photo: Karel Švec, Czech hockey

Tomas Pacina.Photo: Karel Švec, Czech hockey

Before the Olympic tournament starts, the national team has a so-called “combine training session”. These are unofficial preparatory matches that the Czechs will play with the Russia and Sweden teams. He will enter the tournament itself on February 3 against the home of China, and will gradually run into Sweden, Denmark and Japan in Group B. The elimination part of the tournament starts on February 11 and the final is scheduled for February 17.

As at the Women’s World Cup, the Olympic tournament is divided into two performance groups. All five national selections from Group A will advance to the elimination fights, and their placement in the quarter-final spider will be decided by the placement after the basic part. The best three teams from Group B will advance to the quarterfinals, and the tournament will end for the fourth and fifth teams after the basic part.

Pacina does not want to announce in advance what location he would consider a success in Beijing. “The clear goal is to give the best performance in the history of Czech hockey. We want to focus on our own performance. We realize how difficult it is to cross the quarterfinals. But we are no longer outsiders. Opponents know how well we can play. We have to play together, follow the philosophy of the game and all four lines have to pull together, “the coach concludes.

Nomination of the Czech women’s hockey team at the 2022 Olympic Games:
Klára Peslarová
Viktorie Švejdová (both MoDo)
Katerina Zechovska (Bilina)
Sara Cajanova (Valasske Mezirici)
Pavlina Horalkova (Krasnoyarsk)
Samantha Kolowratová (Brynäs)
Dominika Laskova (Merrimack College)
Tereza Radova (Gothenburg HC)
Daniela Pejšová (MoDo)
Aneta Tejralova (Nizhny Novgorod)
Katerina Bukolska (Leksand)
Klára Hymlárová (St. Cloud State University)
Denisa Krizova (Brynas)
Aneta Ledlova (Kadaň)
Natálie Mlýnková
Kristýna Pátková (both Vermont University)
Katerina Mrazova (Brynas)
Noemi Neubauer (Colgate University)
Alena Mills (Vanke Rays)
Michaela Pejzlová (IFK Helsinki)
Vendula Přibylová (AIK Stockholm)
Lenka Serdar (Linköping)
Tereza Vanisova (Leksand)


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