Holiday Packages: A cuddly toy is also ready for vacation


She sits at the Brandenburg Gate, in front of the Louvre, touring through a medieval mountain village. You're on the Nile, exploring Tokyo's nightlife, or rattling the San Francisco cable car. The plush tourists are there.

They pose in front of sights, sit in the sightseeing bus. Teddy bears with button eyes. Mice made of wool, terry and felt. Crocheted monkeys. Knitted puppy dogs. Greetings from the holiday!

And the owners? They are not there. They stay at home and send their cuddly toy alone as a substitute traveling – and let the plush toy photographed in front of the sights.

Many Germans only travel with cuddly toys

Does it sound eccentric and absurd? It is not. Plush jetsetters are already more normal than you think, but usually the owners have always been with them. Every seventh German does not like traveling without his stuffed animal, a survey of adults found. For women, it is almost one in five, for men, every ninth.

Many take the fluffy travel companion as a lucky charm, so the study of, Some can not fall asleep without their cuddly toy in a foreign land. Others take it purposefully to take a picture with him at each destination.

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But the cuddly toy holder does not have to come along anymore. Meanwhile, there are more and more package tours, which are organized only for stuffed animals. The cuddly toy brings the world home while the owners sit on the sofa – in the form of vacation photos, posted Facebook posts, postcards to send, or if they bring a little surprise as a souvenir.

Choice between different vacation packages

How it works? Cuddly toy put into the package, sent to the agency, which then drove the animal through the city – and take pictures. After all, a decidedly climate-friendly alternative, arrival and departure usually take place by mail.

“Treat your loved one a little break” advertises winking Teddy Tour Berlin (, according to website the “world's first travel agency for stressed cuddly animals”.

Plushy greetings from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Plushy greetings from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Source: Teddy Tour Berlin

The holiday Plüschie are several packages to choose from. The simplest Berlin trip (“Paparazzi”, from 39 euros including postage for the journey) includes the five most famous sights, souvenir photos, a picnic in the Tiergarten and a group photo in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

The “Deluxe” Tour (from 109 Euro) leads to 18 attractions (including a “prominent construction site”), the fabric tourist gets his own passport, a massage and other services. During the scene tour “Queeres Berlin”, Teddy cruises through insider locations and stays overnight in the oldest gay hotel.

Traveling to other German and foreign cities is also possible at Teddy Tour. The animals came from all over the world, says owner Karsten Morschett. “Even from Tasmania”. From the two-meter fabric giraffe from Finland to the S / M Teddy in Fetischmontur from Munich, everything was there.

The Teddy as a substitute on vacation

“We laughed tears over the travel pictures. So incredibly cute and funny, “enthuses a couple from Cologne, who has sent his” inner pig Günter “traveling, on the website of the Berlin-based provider. Stuffed animal travel is also popular as an original, affordable gift.

Equally different are the people who send their stuffed animal on vacation. From the six-year-old child to the retiree of over 70 years everyone was represented, salesmen, lawyers, singers. Many out of joke, because they find the idea at an angle.

At the Louvre in Paris: It's also abroad for the cuddly toys

At the Louvre in Paris: It also goes abroad for the stuffed animals

Source: Peluche Travel

But there are also touching reasons. “Some book trips for their stuffed animal because they can not do it themselves,” says the organizer. Often for health reasons.

One customer sent his favorite stuffed animal out of the hospital while traveling. Once, survivors brought the stuffed animal of a deceased man in a Swiss hospice, so that the Teddy sees Berlin again in his place. “It was a kind of farewell ceremonial.”

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Souvenir photos on Instagram and Facebook

Organizers around the globe have followed the trend of the Berlin pioneers. How Peluche Travel ( for stuffed animals romantic Paris holidays (from 55 euros) or pleasure trips to Lyon (from 40 euros). In Japan, Unagi Travel ( Soft toys Blogger trips through Tokyo, the live coverage on Facebook and Twitter is part of the package.

Or how about a flying visit to California? If you want to experience San Francisco as a representative, just send your stuffed animal. Stuffed Animal Friends ( brings Teddy to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Car and Chinatown (from $ 40). A postcard is included.

Meanwhile, a growing community is buzzing on the net for fun-loving cuddly animals. About hashtags like #travellingstuffedanimal. #instaplushie and plüschtiereaufreisen # Plush tourists romp about. In the holiday magazine “funkychickenclub” ( while yoga at the beach.

If Teddy prefers Egypt, send him to the Hessian village Bruchköbel. There is stuffed animal travel ( specializes in Orient holidays. The next tour leads to Cairo to the pyramids. The stuffed animals may even ride on camels.

That's why posies are the better selfies

The selfie belongs to Instagram like the cream to the pie. Stop! Heard, to be exact, because according to a survey, something else is better for the users – posies. And that's behind it.

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