Hollande calls for "the measure and rejection of all forms of violence"


Francois Hollande defined Thursday as "the measure and rejection of all forms of violence" before the high-risk mobilization of the "yellow jackets" on Saturday in Paris.

"In the period so severe that France is going through, I call all to measure and reject all forms of violence.They would have generated the worst drifts of which the Republic would have been the first victim", wrote the former president of the Republic in a declaration.

"The demand for calm launched by all the unions of our country bears witness to this spirit of responsibility", added the former socialist leader.

"Only dialogue and compromise will allow for appeasement," insisted Mr Hollande who had been criticized by the government by scratching Emmanuel Macron's policy during a meeting with "yellow jackets" in November.

The seven trade unions, CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa and FSU, reported Thursday "all forms of violence in the expression of the claims" of "yellow jackets", during the night The request by Emmanuel Macron to political parties, but also to social partners, to "make a clear and explicit appeal for calm".

"One may not agree with government policy, but the duty of all politicians today is to say no to violence against people, institutions and the very person of the President of the Republic. respectful society, "said former socialist minister Jack Lang at the AFP.


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