Hollywood style: Apple introduces new services for news, video games, finance and streaming television


This March 25, Apple held an important event at its headquarters in Cupertino (California, USA) where it did not present any of its flagship devices, but a series of innovative services with which it intends to venture into non-traditional markets for the technological company.

In detail, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs presented a new credit card called Apple Card, as well as the new News + news service, the Arcade video game and the TV and TV + TV subscription.

News +

The company presented something similar to a & # 39; Netflix of the news & # 39; based on the Apple News application, which had previously been reported to provide users with an unlimited amount of materials from over 300 popular magazines and editions such as The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.

The service is already available in the United States. and Canada in exchange for a monthly payment $ 9.99 which includes the ability to share the subscription with other family members. According to Apple, the privacy of the user will be guaranteed as no advertiser can track what is read.

Apple Card

From the middle of this year, users of Apple devices residing in the United States may request to obtain a virtual credit card that company will be launched with the support of the Goldman Sachs bank. Once approved, the card will be linked to the Apple Pay account of the user and can be used to make payments where MasterCard is accepted. Users can also request a physical version for purchases at stores that have not yet accepted.

The card, which does not have a code and a security code (CVV), will generate between 1% and 3% return ("cashback") and will be saved in the Wallet application, which will make it possible to review account statements and transaction history and will make a feature available to the user financial assistance.

front porch

Apple has also launched the Arcade service video games by subscriptionwith which he intends to venture into a non-traditional area in collaboration with companies such as Disney, Konami, SEGA and LEGO.

The service will be launched within the App Store application between September and October in over 150 countries. The subscription, whose price is still unknown, will make it initially available to users more than 100 exclusive games for iOS that can be played on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

TV channels

Apple has announced the update of its TV application, which will soon appear new tabs to access movies, sports programs, television programs and content for children. One of these, called TV Channels, will allow resell season tickets to channels like Showtime, MTV Hits or HBO, whose programming can be viewed without leaving dell & # 39; application.

TV +

Even through Apple TV, the iPhone manufacturer also announced the launch of TV +, a "streaming" service similar to Netflix that will feature original content from Apple.

TV channels will be broadcast on TV in May and will expand in more than 100 countries at a price that has not yet been specified. Apple TV + will be available between September and October and will allow online content to be downloaded and viewed.

The company did not specify which schedule will initially be available on TV +, but Hollywood stars like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Jason Momoa were present at the event to promote it.

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